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  • SLEEPER CELL SLEEPER CELL Jul 29, 2010 5:19 PM Flag

    Two Commish Questions

    The leagues I've been in have had trades determined by "league votes", but thats ending now. One manager specifically vetoed all trades that helped me b/c he personally hasn't liked long before we played FF. This manager went so far as to refuse all fair trades I offered, yet when I managed to pull off a trade with someone else he gave away some of his good player at a high discount to another team. He simply does this out of spite.

    Another manager vetoed any trade that made one team virtually unbeatable even if the trade benefits both teams. Who knows how many other managers clicked "veto" because its anonymous when they do that. Yahoo should add a feature that shows who voted against a trade. That way people will think a bit more carefully before they veto a trade knowing that someone else may be more likely to veto their trade later.

    The only reason a trade should be vetoed is if one team is giving away good players to another team to screw up the league. This is the reason people say trades should be fair. How do we determine if a trade is fair or not though? Do we base it on where the players are drafted? Do we base it on the current points the players have during the season at the time of the trade? I personally think its a fair trade if both people clicked to accept it as long as the person getting the worse end of the trade is not doing it to mess up the league. If that person is a sucker they deserve to lose in the trade and if they other player takes advantage of they he/she should be rewarded.

    This year in my leagues we are having people post their vote and reason for their vote on the message board. As commish I will deem if each vote is a good reason or not. If 5 or more people have good arguments as to why a trade should be vetoed then I'll cancel the trade. If the reasons are crap or there is a lot of disagreement on if the trade should be passed or not then I'll let the trade go through.

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    • Slippy's...I didn't read your post before I wrote mine, but you've comfirmed some of the points I made. Not trying to talk you into a thing, at all....but if you don't mind, read my post and see what you think. Rather than try to re-write the whole thing, I'll leave it to you to read the first post, if you care to. Tx. (we need more thoughtful/logical posts such as yours on this site)


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