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  • Mary F. Mary F. Jul 8, 2010 11:30 PM Flag

    New commish need help

    There are 2 schools of thought on scoring: 1) winning/losing by a few points or 2) winning/losing by a bunch of points. I think there is more fun and participation of the owners if the head-to-head competition is a close match up rather than blowing out your opponent. With that said, I awarded bonus pts but sparingly, so as not to create a blowout situation. So in my league if you happen to have a passer with 300 yd day (extremely do-able for the average QB!), he'll get 2 pts. At 400, it will be the equal to a TD...that's 4 pts. Rushing/Rec are 3 pts for 100 yds (again very do-able) and 6 pts for 200 yds. So the NFL players if you will, get a few pts for 'doing their jobs' and a little extra if they 'do their jobs better'. Somtimes less is more, especially with you being a new commish, you'll want to enjoy keeping things simple the first time out. Good Luck to you!


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