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  • Reaser Reaser Jun 15, 2010 7:31 PM Flag

    Thanks Yahoo! (Offline Draft)

    For deleting my leagues offline draft results I had entered. Not like that took me hours or anything.

    For the past 12 years, we've done an 18 round offline draft (we have 25 roster positions, we 7 "rounds" of FA auction/worst team gets to add players during season type thing)...So this year, I enter each teams 18 players and it won't let me hit begin season, saying I needed to enter players for all 25 spots, NEVER has that been a requirement before for an offline draft.

    I send in a request asking if they can "fix" this or override something to allow me to click begin season for our league. What happens is I get a response that it will be fixed shortly. A day goes by and I check commish tools and begin season is there to click!!! I make sure our draft results are in fine before I click it and they are completely GONE!! So I send an e-mail back, and apparently the yahoo! guy is refusing to answer and of course no one from yahoo! will check this message.

    I asked for one simple thing, allow me to click begin season because our offline draft results were entered like they have always been for the past 12 years and instead those results get deleted and I get a rep who won't respond. Brilliant.

    Also like how when entering those results, some of the players names you type in don't show up because they only list about 8 players on the drop down, so you have to scroll through thousands of players to find a LB and add him. Which I'll have to do AGAIN because yahoo! deleted our offline draft results.


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    • I know what you mean, but remember: it's a free league, they may not be making any money off allowing us to PLAY a game, so, if I was yahoo, it would be on my back burner also.

    • I completely feel your pain. All my leagues are keeper or dynasty, and I just went through the exact same thing. Had 8 of 12 teams done, and had the same problems with a few of those teams, as I couldn't even get them to 25, because some players aren't in Yahoo's database yet.

      I go back to finish today, and all my work is lost! I'm so %&^(% pissed off, I'd like to strangle something.

      Funny, I just posted, and went down a few posts and saw yours. Misery loves company.

      BTW.....I also emailed Yahoo about their changes this year sucking. And, got the same reply you did.


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