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  • Patrick Patrick Jun 10, 2010 7:42 PM Flag

    Safe money leagues?

    I'm looking to join a new money league in addition to the one I normally play in with my friends. I keep hearing horror stories about commissioners who set up the league and just keep the money, or commissioners who collude with friends.

    Is there a site or system that ensures safety and fairness in a public money league? Any tips to ensure I don't end up playing the fool to some commissioner seeking an unfair advantage if I end up having to join a random league (like all the ones I see posted on this forum requesting players)?

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    • Hey Joe,

      I'm running that 12-team $50 keeper that you so kindly declared me a scammer in the comment thread. I accept payments for my leagues through my website and all of the money is placed in a separate bank account, kind of like leaguesafe.com. Which reminds me, I've heard of people still getting scammed playing WITH leaguesafe.com Guess you're not to smart now are you pal?

      You just have to find an honest commish out there. Looking for players on a message board isn't the best way to find players but my friends and I play in a $10 recreational league, basically for bragging rights. None of them want to put up $50 because we're already having a good time. Ya most threads looking for players are probably scams. So its best to not play in public leagues, leaguesafe.com or no leaguesafe.com

    • make sure they use leaguesafe , otherwise, there's a chance you will NEVER get your winning payout. It has already happened to me last season, so I WILL NEVER JOIN A CUSTOM LEAGUE THAT DOES NOT USE LEAGUESAFE!!!!

    • Hi i have a brand new keeper league and i need some owners.. it's fairly inexpensive at $75 and there are 20 teams in the league! I have been doing keeper leagues now for 3 years and wanted to get another fresh start league going since i love to draft!! I actually play in a league with the Fantasy Guru on yahoo for baseball and he can vouch for me, plus there are a couple members of this new league who have followed me who can also testify on my behalf. I have aIl my personal info on the league website plus i run a tight ship and am pretty much always online to answer any questions or concerns you might have... Honestly i would agree that playing in a money league (even with friends) can be risky, but with the risk comes the reward especially when you take down that Championship and claim over $500!!
      please email me for further info at lose5bucks@yahoo.com
      lose5bucks for yahoo msgr
      Shawn Collier

    • If you want to play in money league, the safest way is to play with your co-workers, friends, or family members who can actually pay before you play. That's how I've been playing the past 3 years. I have a work league and a family league. So just ask your co-workers, friends or family. I'm sure they will love it especially when there is money involved.

    • The safest bet is to stay out of money leagues run by people you don't know. Only join leagues where you or someone you know is in control. This is the only way to ensure that your money won't be stolen. If joining someone else's league is a must, look for smaller money leagues since they are less likely to rob you and ask the commish to use league safe. Hope less people get robbed this year.


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