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  • Kevin S Kevin S May 23, 2010 7:19 PM Flag

    Do you laugh when black QBs are overdrafted?


    Every year I'm in a league where McNabb, Campbell and others are overdrafted. I laugh at them and they say, "You watch, this is the year". It never is THE year. These people always finish last in the league, but at least no one can call them racists...and that counts for something right? No? Oh, nevermind then.

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    • Because it amuses me how often it happens. Also, please learn the definitions of words before you use them. Your ignorance is scary

    • Overdrafted because what? They're black? McNabb KILLED Matthew Staffords stats last year, but he was taken into consideration in MANY leagues far more times then McNabb as being a "top pick." Look at Tom Brady 2 seasons ago, he was overdrafted because he took one snap and blew his knee out. I'd know, I was the unlucky SOB who got him, then took Favre to replace him. Look at Tony Romo, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, JAY CUTLER, Chad Pennington, Eli Manning, Matt Hasslebeck, Jake Delhomme, they're all white and from last seasons play, were WAY over projected. What's the point of this post that you made, anyway? To show how LITTLE you know of fantasy football? Grow up, we play fantasy footall for fun, not to listen to one moron voice his overly racist comments and try to retract to not sound like a racist.

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      • I'm still trying to figure out who he is talking about ASIDE from McNabb.

        I don't know ANYONE in the TEN leagues I am in that took Campbell, Garrard, Russell, Vick, Seneca Wallace, Dixon, but I also don't know anyone that took Orton, Cassell, K Collins, Henne, any of the Buffalo QBs, Sanchez, any CLV QB, or Carson Palmer, or Hassellbeck, or Alex Smith, or Bulger...

        And only one guy grabbed Vince Young when he became a starter, and VY was the guys' #2 QB in case his #1 got hurt. And only one guy took Flacco, and another took Matt Ryan.

        So who the hell is 'overbought' ??????????????

      • McNabb, a veteran with one of the best WRs and dump off RBs in the league, had better stats than a rookie QB who plays for Detroit? Color me shocked.

        The point. You missed it.

    • Hey, I know you! I saw the message that you posted on the General Message Board. You claim that your wife is leaving you because you devote most of your time to fantasy football and not her. I also wonder if she is leaving you because you are a racist PIG! Do us all a big favor and keep your personal life and personal thoughts to yourself!

    • They might not be but you certainly are!!! By the way I’m caucasian and drafted Favre last year.

    • god. what a racist bastard.. so anyways.... what do you get when a black and a hispanic have a child....... a child thats too lazy to steal. haha. just kidding. im hispanic. dont hate. im just being an idiot. im not racist at all.

    • Nice to be a racist - NOT.

      I don't look at color - I look at PRODUCTION - and it just so happens there is only one black QB in the league I would consider, but guess what? There is a whole boatload of WHITE QB's I won't touch.
      Yeah, some guys will have great games once in awhile, but I have also seen games where Peyton doesn't throw a TD pass, and neither does Rivers or Eli.
      'MOST' black QB's are simply a different type of athlete, they play a different role, you won't see a Michael Vick, Jason Campbell, Vince Young or Dennis Dixon setup in the pocket 40-50 times like a Brady, Peyton, Rodgers or Eli because THAT ISN'T WHAT THEY WERE HIRED TO DO.

      Now, since you brought race into this, let's discuss Wide Receivers.. there are no white guys worth considering in the top-30 except for Wesley Welker - *IF* he recovers.

    • Do you laugh if someone drafts any White RB?

    • The problem here is that you identify them as black quarterbacks, when in reality there are plenty of quarterbacks who are overrated/overdrafted and would fit the description regardless of skin color. Sure, McNabb and Campbell might not always live up to expectations, but your insistence to group them as the black quarterbacks implies that you believe this under performance has something to do with skin color - pretty much the definition of racist.

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      • The problem here is that you didnt understand what I said. You sensitive little lemmings all jumped to conclusions and shut off your brains so you dont have to think. You use buzz words in an attempt to silence me, not realizing that it has no effect on me.

        Try using your brain. Think outside the box. Oh wait, that would require some courage, and you have none. Nevermind.

      • Matt - this guy is just a m0r0n, he brings up an implication of inferiority of black QB's, but gee, I guess we can bring up an inferiority of WHITE Running Backs and WHITE Wide Receivers.

        Gee, how many black PLACEKICKERS have we seen?

        Reality is, it doesn't matter, most of us just like to see a good game.

    • you dumbass....mcnabb killed it last year in several leagues..its the idiots who dont change there rosters that lose

    • I have seen you on several of the Yahoo message boards for Fantasy Football and not once have I been impressed with your comments or advise. I am caucasian and I for one don't think your comment about QB's race/performance is appropriate for a public forum. Maybe you don't know any better, but it will surely bring more replies such as mine. If you are going to continue with racist hate mongering comments, you will surely be "kicked off" by Yahoo. Have you even read the "NOTE" at the top of the page that addresses objectionable content? I suggest you retract your comment and even post an apology. I know many individuals that use Yahoo Fantasy Football as a way to chill out and enjoy while away from the stress and rigors of life. I can assure you none of them would want this forum to become racist, derogatory, abusive, harassing or threatening to them or others. Selah


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