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  • Matt Matt Dec 24, 2009 1:26 PM Flag

    League Advice

    I have run a league for 8 years. It has a lot of scoring and is pretty fun. But I am wondering if I should switch back to a more basic league next year. Our league has standard plus:

    1 per completetion
    -0.5 per incompletetion (should probably make this a whole point)
    -4 per ints
    -4 per fumble
    1 ppr

    Yardage, field goals, defense scoring is the same as a standard league. My question is would you change to a standard league; everyone in the league except for one guy seems to enjoy it. He feels the QBs are scoring to much my arguement is the QBs are cancelling each other out.

    Just looking for some thoughts?

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