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  • William William Dec 16, 2009 4:35 PM Flag

    Which WRs Do I start?

    I would definitely start Austin and Rice
    For the others, it would depend on my situation matchup-wise... if your team is pretty solid and you just want to make sure your 3rd WR doesn't put up a goose-egg, go with Mason or Jennings who will probably have a decent "floor" around 4-5. If your opponent is a substantial favorite, you'll need a home run to beat them, so you go with Meachem who has higher upside and could go off with big double digits, but could also be bypassed in favor of whoever happens to be open when Brees is looking for his best option. Mason/Jennings less likely to get shut out, Meachem more likely to make ESPN's web gems, but has the risk of not getting the targets and putting up a very low score.


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