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  • If 2 teams are tied doesnt the team with the better divisional record be placed ahead of the team with the more points? It was like that all year until the playoff schedule came out. Then yahoo flipped it back to the team with the most points is ahead of the team with a better divisional record. Does any1 know y? And yes both teams are in the same division.

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    • I don't play Divisions, and this doesn't make a dam bit of sense to me lol but here it is:


      This article explains how playoff ties are broken in Yahoo! Fantasy Sports.


      In the event that a Fantasy playoff game ends in a tie, the deadlock is broken using the following system:

      Winning percentage against this opponent during the regular season
      Playoff seed
      How is winning percentage determined?

      Head-to-Head Standard leagues

      The winning percentage is based on individual stat category wins and losses, and not matchup wins and losses. (A tie is worth a half win or 0.5, and a half loss or 0.5)

      Example: Team A and Team B played each other three times during the regular season.

      - In Matchup 1, Team A won 9-3-1.
      - In Matchup 2, Team B won 6-4-3.
      - In Matchup 3, Team A won 7-5-1.

      Team A had 20 stat category wins vs. Team #$%$ 14 stat category wins during the regular season, with 5 ties.

      Team A's winning percentage would be .577 (20 wins + 2.5 for ties = 22.5 / 39 total).

      Head-to-Head One-Win and Head-to-Head Points leagues

      The tiebreaker is the matchup win percentage against this opponent during the regular season. (Not stat category wins)

      All Head-to-Head Fantasy Football leagues are Head-to-Head Points leagues.

      Example: Team C beat Team D, 3 out of 4 times during the regular season for a .750 win percentage.

      It is not possible for a custom league commissioner to deviate from this tiebreaking system.

      If that helps.

    • I agree. It is a HEAD TO HEAD league, not an accumulated points league. Head to head match-ups should be the tie breaker. There is money on the line here and this is rediculous.

    • The tiebreaker for division lead is division record.

      The tiebreaker for wild card spots (not the division lead) is total points.


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