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  • Jason Jason Dec 15, 2009 6:31 AM Flag

    Is this right??? Commish changes line-up

    I honestly would like to hear from other commissioners on this last-minute change. We are about to start the playoffs this week, and I managed to finish 1st in the seedings. The team I am going head-to-head against finished 8th and had lost 8 games in a row, in large part b/c he never subbed out Clinton Portis and Owen Daniels. Now that the playoffs have started, the commissioner (who's ranked 3rd, btw) went onto this other guy's account and changed his line-up for him (Fred Jackson and Heath Miller, respectively).

    The commish even changed the guy's defense from Chicago to Denver. I never got an e-mail about this change. Other teams still have injured guys in their starting line-ups (Ware, Rossum, Maclin, etc). My question is, how do I approach this matter? Is this common practice? It certainly wasn't put up to a vote, though I am pretty sure if it was, the league would have voted for this roster to be updated. For competitive fairness, that I would be fine with. Instead, the commish acted on his own. Right now, this move feels underhanded to me.

    I put a lot of time into this and was lucky enough to win this same league last year. The commish certainly has a stake in this matter, as his team has finished second and first for two of the last three years. Right now, I can't think of any reason that he would make this move solely for my opponent, other than to reanimate this zombie team in pursuit of my defeat and/or braaaaains. Ugh, tired of this. I will take any advice that you guys have and act accordingly.

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    • What your commish did was totally unfair. I would dispute it if i were you. I play in a league with all friends and if my commish did that, there would be a lot arguments. your commish is clearly abusing his powers. i'm sure if he were going against that owner he would not make the necessary updates. good luck to you.

    • There are some commishes that sub out injured players. That normally for novice leagues, but that is done throughout the entire season. It is all about consistency. In this case, it sounds like he's trying to eliminate his largest competition, which is you. Obviously you can't do anything about but just to win out and tell the commish to suck it after the championship game.

    • I am the commish in my league. And that is crazy. You can't sub players in for other players. Not Right! Not Fair! Tell that guy to have some Character, and stop screwing around!!

    • Shady, Shady all the way. It appears the 8 seed lost interest in the league & doesn't care at all about the circumstances of his position. You need to confront the commish & have him put the roster line-up back the way it was, plain & simple.

    • Your commish is out of line mate. It's one thing if the guy has been paying attention all year and he's had PC issues or out of town or whatever and calls the commish for help and the commish posts on the board what he's doing, but to just make the team harder to beat for someone else is crap. I'd ask him nicely to switch it back and explain why. If he refuses, then report his abuse of power to Yahoo and let him justify it to them.

    • Maybe you should find a league where the players are active and you don't have shit zombie teams for 8 weeks of the regular season??? How can you feel good beating these guys if they don't even take injured players out of their starting lineup?

      And yes, thats BS what the commish did. Another reason to find a new league.

    • It's 1 thing for a commish to step in and FAIRLY make adjustments it is a whole different thing when they adjust a teams roster that neither he nor the team manager has done anything with for 8wks. As for your questions of (1) " how do I approach this matter?", demand it be reset immediately!!! (2) "Is this common practice?", certainly NOT, however there are times when a commish may need to adjust a teams roster because the manager of that team can't for say a personal reason, or something understandable like that, and in our league when the commish has to adjust your roster he will go to Player Ranker & click on Use Recommended Roster, beyond that it goes to league vote.
      Now barring all that wind you stated that if it had been put up to a vote evryone would have voted for it for competative fairness....SO WHY WORRY ABOUT IT.....

    • Yeah the Commish has it out for you. HE CAN DO ANY THING HE WANTS and YAHOO won't do a thing about it. About the same thing happened to me last year and I ended up kickin his arse and winning the 12 team league. Cheaters usually don't win. Good Luck hope you kick his arse.

    • That's BS... that's why i started commishing all my leagues this year....

    • I think he can do it. I've heard of lots of stuff like that happening - even a Commish benching players on a team he's playing. I haven't had it happen but it sounds like you're getting shafted. I think the only thing you can do is take it up with him and make your case, but unless he's someone you know it's probably not going to do any good. Just make sure he doesn't change your lineup if you make the finals against him.

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