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  • Patman Patman Dec 14, 2009 6:35 PM Flag

    How do you guys work the draft in your keeper leagues?

    I have heard that you lose the draft round of the player you keep in some leagues. I have heard some say the round before it. I was thinking we would all keep one player (16 team league) and draft in reverse finishing order of season. Whats the most practiced method and which one is better for game play and so on and so forth. thank you for your time.

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    • Do over

    • Every league has its own set of rules and they all can be subtley different. They should have been clarified at the beginning of the season. Make a post on your league page and ask these questions so you know.

      In the keeper I am in, these are our rules:

      We can keep 3 players max. We cannot keep ANY players drafted in rounds 1,2, or 3. We lose the a round earlier than where you drafted the year before... i.e. I will be keeping Ray Rice in Round 3 since I drafted him in round 4. Lastly, undrafted players kept will default a 11th round pick.


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