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    Is this Cheating and What To Do About It

    I am a commissioner in a league and have been for 9-10 years and have never had this come up. This was the last week before the playoffs and a team that had already made it into the playoffs decided not to start anyone to assure himself a loss and a better playoff matchup. This caused the team who he was playing to get a free win and get into the playoffs and the team who was 1 game ahead is now out of the playoffs. There is obviously no rule in doing this, and it is more of an ethical rule. What do I do to appease the other 12 guys in the league who are cying foul when there really isn't a rule governing it? Any help and suggestions are extremely appreciated.

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    • is the guy's name Brett by any chance??

    • You said it yourself. it's not against the rules. Just make it a rule for next year!

    • Because it was a legal move that strengthened his chances of winning in the end, it is completely legitimate, though somewhat of a jerk thing to do.

    • There is nothing to do here. It is NOT unethical - he has every right to sit or start whomever he pleases. It is called strategy. The teams crying foul should have won more games to ensure a playoff spot.

      If you were our commish and interfered with it after the fact I would personally not play in that league again...

    • You know what dude, screw the other owners...Are they 5 years old? Seriously, it's my team I do as I please, it's Fantasy Football, it's not counting in any real standings, except for the "Check me out, I'm cool look at my fantasy football team, i get no chicks standings". Listen, a team in my league dropped two players cause they were out of the playoffs and wanted to have fun, i picked up one of the dudes as i was heading into the playoffs...SO WHAT? If he wants to drop players or in your example sit players to get a better matchup...so what, its called strategy...tell those losers to get a life and go get some cheese with that whine!

    • Its a game, and that was a great play. No reason to call it cheating, it was a wise move.

    • That's cheating! It's not as bad as the playoff commissioner in my league, he cheated by boosting up the field goal points in last nights game as he was behind by a large margin and was propelled ahead of his opponent to make it to the championship against me next week. It's not OK to due these things out of desperation, we play all year just to find out our friends and family are cheaters. It makes me sick!

    • It is what it is.It's dirty,but not cheating.It also happens in the NFL.Personaly,I would do the same thing.The way I see it is like this.I can do what I want with may team.If I could set things up for my playoff run why not.As long as my team makes the playoff it's no ones bisiness but mine.You should have made 1 better play on the week you lost.Plain & simple,

      In one of the leagues I'm in.I had the most points & didn't make the playoffs.Everyone had there best week when they played me.Bringing back to my 1st point.It is what it is.

      Sorry Man, Better Luck Next year .

    • So he should try to win and hurt his chances of winning the championship? It makes sense to me. If he thinks it benefited him then let it be.

    • It's a smart move, and anyone who's peeved is just jealous they weren't smart enough to conceive something like that. All those posters saying "kick him out" you are chumps. period.

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