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    N.O. DEF Owners...please post here

    If you've been negatively affected by the Yahoo FFL decision making process (Week 13 or earlier), with respect to the Robert Meachem TD/points assessment (by Yahoo). Please post a comment here.

    Include what you perceive to be fair treatment/judgment (IAW the Yahoo rules). List specific details on how you have attempted to bring your concern to their attention. Give SOME insight into what their response was and what specific rules/precedence/standard they referenced to render their decision.

    Finally, ask ALL of your friends to do the same.

    You deserve some form of relief...

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    • I lost by less than two points last week because of this play and it cost me the playoffs. It just doesn't seem right.

    • should be a meachum return td. If your league scores renturn tds for def the def gets it. If your league scores players with return td then meachum gets it. If it scores for both, both get it

    • People are still crying over this?? Geez. I'm 3 points shy of having the most points in my league...but you know what?..Im in 8th place...F head to head type leagues.

    • they farked me out of a 1st round playoff bye, lost by 1.90 points

      if anything NO should have gotten the 2 for the fumble and the 6 for the TD, i don't have a problem with meachem getting 6 as well for the return (thinking of it like a punt return TD).

      they're trying to match the 2003 precedent but they've already broken that precedent this year in the NE NO game...so yeah it's not fair.

      NFL official stats have it as a DEF TD, so i don't get why yahoo would go against that.

    • The point is Yahoo gave 8 points to the NO DEF for over 36 hours and then reversed itself ...without explanation,of course. Go to a provider that knows what it is doing, not Yahoo.

    • This did affect our league.

      I have NO DEF and lost by 1.5 pts. The guy that had Meachem won by .28 pts. We were both fighting for the last playoff spot. I am also the commissioner so things are very touchy right now. We took a league vote and I have the majority saying that NO DEF should get the 2 pts for the fumble recovery.

      So next year we are going to a different site- this is not the only prob we've had the last few years- and we are picking a backup commish in the event something happens that concerns the commissioner team. I have not changed the scoring yet. It is going to change, but I want everyone to be 100% okay with the decision.

      Yahoo just needs to be consistent w/ the scoring. You can't score week 8 Det and week 12 Pats one way and then change your mind when the same thing happens in week 13.

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      • You are 100% correct. Also to do this in week 13 is what really is setting people off. Again Yahoo handled this in about the worst way possible. They should have left the 2 points for the original fumble recovery and let it go like it was Sunday. Then Monday they add a touchdown. Then Tuesday they take it away and give Meachem 2 yes count them 2 touchdowns for that play. Alll the while they leave all the stats the same. Very unproffesional. I personally dont use Yahoo for anything but FFL and this has just confirmed why I dont use Yahoo for anything else.

    • Yahoo should have given the fumble recovery to the NO D. Just like did the week before when Welker earned two points for the NE D. That is the minimum the touchdown is what made things a mess. Then pile on all the emails the Meachem owners sent on Monday. I was reading those threads pretty much the same as these threads. Gonna leave YAHOO blah blah blah.Now its the other way around all of us NO D owners pitched a fit. Yahoo sent out a lame form letter that basically said tough. I think Yahoo made a mess of the whole thing then communicated there position very poorly. I think we are all Meachem and NO D owners owed an apology.

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      • no, you are wrong.

        people should have cried as much in previous weeks as they did in week 13 and Yahoo would have corrected it sooner. sadly people didnt cry and make noise til it had a negative effect on them.

        the point is, regardless of what happened in previous weeks, in the end Yahoo! got it right.

        based on your logic, a defense can NEVER score a TD because they become the offense when they receive the ball. and thats retarded because defenses commonly score touchdowns.

        furthermore, there were two changes of possesion on the play, which again, by your logic, would have put New Orleans back on offense.

        there is no plausible argument i have heard to this date that legitimately explains why the New Orleans defense should have received any points for the play.

    • i have the n.o. defense as well and it knocked me out of the playoffs the nfl is ruling it a defense touchdown for new orleans why cant yahoo ive heard yahoo is the only fantasy site not credited that for a defenseive touchdown in my honest opinoin yahoo is a second rate fantasy site they are the bush leagues compared to espn yahoo credited new englands dfense for a fumble recovery when there offense recovered a fumble from n.o.defense 12 yahoo is not being consistent with there defensive scoring and they do not change the scoring i will not ever participate in yahoos fantasy league again i will try espns next year

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      • sorry but Yahoo! got it right in week 13, and heres why.

        firstly, i do not own the NO defense or robert meachem, but i did have to make a decision on it for my league.

        to everyone that thinks defense becomes offense and vice versa during a change of possession; you are wrong.

        in real football, yes this is true. However, if this happened in fantasy football it would be impossible for a defense to ever score a touchdown since the NFL rules state that the defense becomes the offense and vice versa. After the interception, according to NFL rules, the defense becomes the offense and vice versa. This is what causes the confusion. But if you really take that logic to its conclusion, it would stand to reason that there could never be a defensive TD in fantasy football, since once a defensive team intercepts a pass, by NFL rules that defense has now become the offense. Additionally, let's take that interpretation and reapply it to when Meachem gained possession of the ball - that would mean he was back on offense again. There is no scenario where Meachem's TD can be credited to the New Orleans defense

        Yahoo! Sports does not recognize the change of possession nor does it switch the New Orleans players from offense to defense on this play. As such, when Meachem recovered the fumble and returned it for a touchdown, no touchdown was credited to the New Orleans defense.
        On any regular turnover in fantasy football, the defense does not become the offense once they get the ball (hence why points for the takeaway are awarded to the defense). In this case (based on that same logic) Meachem did not become a defensive player once the ball changed hands, but in fact remained an offensive player.

        And that's why Robert Meachem gets the points and New Orleans defense does not.

    • I was affected, but it WAS the right decision as long he got the points on offense.

    • I lost by .0000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 pts because of this. I want all my money back that I paid to use Yahoo Fantasy Football. Oh... wait...

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