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  • Brent Brent Dec 9, 2009 10:24 AM Flag

    Meachum Question

    I understand the fact that Meachum should be credited for one TD only, but should the Fumble recovery and fumble forced be taken away also. I would say no, but how are you scoring this??

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    • Search for your question before you post it. There are hundreds of posts exactly like this, asking the same questions.

    • im not scoring it and it doesn't matter move on dammit

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      • Brent,

        if your league scores for offensive fumble recoveries and offensive fumble TDs, then u have to give Meachem his deserved points.

        as far as the defense, i'm pretty sure that i read your league drafts IDPs and not entire teams.

        below is what was posted in regards to meachem gate within my friends and family league..

        ""There were two changes in possession, not just one (according to NFL rules). First New Orleans Offense turns the ball over and they go on Defense. Then they force a fumble and go back on Offense. Either way you slice it their Offense scored. We actually can't use the NFL rules with fantasy football rules in this case, since the NFL’s official stance is that a defense can never score 6 points since a defense never "possess" the ball, a requirement for scoring a TD (because in real football, the defense becomes the offense when they acquire the football), whereas in fantasy football it is very possible for a defense to score a TD.
        This is actually not the first time in which this has happened, and here’s what Yahoo did back in 2003,

        EXAMPLE: In week 5 of 2003, Michael Doss of Indianapolis intercepted a pass from Brad Johnson of Tampa Bay. Doss then fumbled the ball, and WR Keenan McCardell of Tampa Bay picked up the fumble and returned it 57 yards for a TD. We score the play as a 57-yard offensive fumble return TD for McCardell. To further clarify, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers began the play on offense. After the interception, according to NFL rules, the defense becomes the offense and vice versa. This is what causes the confusion. But if you really take that logic to its conclusion, it would stand to reason that there could never be a defensive TD in fantasy football, since once a defensive team intercepts a pass, by NFL rules that defense has now become the offense. Additionally, let's take that interpretation and reapply it to when McCardell gained possession of the ball - he was back on offense again. There is no scenario where McCardell's TD can be credited to the Bucs defense, and the same stands true with the Robert Meachem scenario that occurred during week 13 of this year.

        The Tampa Bay defense lost the points associated with the defensive TD in question.

        Yahoo! Sports does not recognize the change of possession nor does it switch the Tampa Bay players from offense to defense on this play. As such, when McCardell recovered the fumble and returned it for a touchdown, no touchdown was credited to the Tampa Bay defense.
        On any regular turnover in fantasy football, the defense does not become the offense once they get the ball (hence why points for the takeaway are awarded to the defense). In this case (based on that same logic) Meachem did not become a defensive player once the ball changed hands, but in fact remained an offensive player.

        And that's why Robert Meachem gets the points and New Orleans defense does not.""

    • Its really simple....... In the NFL rule book it says the team not in control of the ball is on defense, however when an offense gives away the ball and gets it back on the same play they become the offense agian. Its in the rule book, check it ouy. So the defense should be credited with a forced fumble and Meachum should get the TD.

    • quote from robert meachem " i would like to apologize to everyone who plays fantasy football and are affected by this untimely incident in which i stripped the ball from the redskins player and scored. sorry i was being selfish and didn't think of everyone this affected next time i will fall to the ground and pretend to be blocked so that the redskins def can score and those owners will be happy sorry again"

    • Luckily for me none of this made a difference in either of my leagues. I owned the Saints Def in both and feel they SHOULD be awarded 8 points for the Force, Recovery, and TD and if it had made a dif I would have awarded myself the 8 points. I asked for feedback and only had one response and that was to award the points.
      Now as far as Meachem getting TWO TD's and the Def getting none NO WAY! if that's how it was scored. I dont think so. 143 Yards =14 points (I made RB's and WR's equal in points per yard awarded); I Rec TD=6 more (20); and then 6 for the DEF/OFF TD=26! That was the final total in my Leagues. I also set my Leagues so the return man gets 6 points as well as the Def/Special Teams. That's only fair but not default setting. Hope that helps. It depends on how your set up and on your Commish.

    • I'm going to dedicate the rest of my life to getting to the bottom of the statistical implications of this play.

      I'll be chronicling my discoveries here, in this forum, for the benefit of all Yahoo readers,

    • I went to NFL.com and went to their Gamebook which are official stats and they are recording it as a fumble recovery and a fumble forced for Meachum. Has anyone else seen anything differently?

    • If you think that Meachum should get credited a TD then no he shouldn't get credited for a fumble recovery. Only defense and special teams should get credited with fumbles.

      IMO though, I believe that the Saints should get awarded that TD and not Meachum...are you giving him offensive yards as well as the TD?


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