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  • Pete Pete Dec 9, 2009 4:02 AM Flag

    Who wants to Boycott Yahoo next year over thier blown call

    I will almost certainly run my league elsewhere next year. In addition to the bugs setting up divisions this year I am livid about this blown call. I am in a very difficult position since the last playoff spot is determined by this call. With both of these issues they are non responsive it seems and have left me in a bad spot- people take there FF seriously and I'm getting angry phone calls every time they change the scoring (three times so far)

    I wish they could just be consistent and stick to it if they need to make a change so be it but multiple changes are unacceptable especially without explanation.

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    • Hey Cry Babies!!...Yahoo actually got it right...NO DEF WASN'T on the field for this play! N.O. DEF doesn't deserve didley squat. N.O. offense was on the field throughout this whole time which is how Meachem got the ball. Do you people actually watch the games?

      People need to grow the **** up. Tough luck...its fantasy football for goodness sakes...the world isn't coming to end.

    • This is my first year playing...and only because all of the folks in the office joined. Trust me, I won't make this mistake next year. Not with this site.

      Anyway, here's the deal:

      Lots of People are hurt because the "spirit of fairness" was lost with the way YAHOO handled it. Why else do you think people are still talking about it...and researching legal options to deliberate over it? Geez, I don't think it's because they don't have better things to do with their lives. Maybe it's because LOTS of folks feel an injustice was done (based on YAHOO's own 2009 precedence--not to mention the NFL's official website listing. BTW, if you look good enough, you'll see where they awarded it to the DEF for N.O.).

      Love & JUSTICE are the two constants that have remained since the beginning of time. Give the points for the FF/FR like you did before. Provide a disclaimer on how things will be handled next year. Don't blow folks off like their opinions are meaningless...especially in the midst of this PERCEIVED injustice. It's Simple, see?

    • Does anybody know for sure?

      In our league, 1 team had NO DEF and 1 team had Meachem. Both teams were fighting for the last playoff spot. The team w/ NO DEF lost by 1.5 and the team w/ Meachem won by .28 of a point.

      We're in agreement that Meachem should get the TD pts, but why isn't NO DEF getting the 2 pts for fumble recovery since 'technically' they were on DEF when they recovered the fumble? Then Meachem became an offensive player once again. This is all per NFL rules.

      I am commissioner in our league so the heat is on me right now to make this right. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle this one? If it wasn't going to affect the last playoff spot it would be no big deal, but...!

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      • I do not know for sure what the correct ruling should be. I have NO def and went from 1 to 3 seed because of the change. However, I look at it as if Meecham had not caused the fumble and Was returned the original pick for a TD the 6 points would not have counted agianst the NO DST. Only the point(s) after. Therefore by yahoo standards in that situation which happens on a weekly basis, I reluctantly agree that NO was not to be considered a defensive unit after the pick.

        I do agree that Yahoo is very inconsistant with there scoring. Points well taken in your other posts regarding other situations this year when DST was awarded at least the fumble recovery (ie. NE Welker).

    • BOYCOTT! They scored it contrary to how the NFL scored the play and have no justification for the way they scored the play. I liked Yahoo but they have idiots running this thing. Unless they change the scoring I plan to boycott and ask our commissioner to change from Yahoo next year for all three of my leagues.

    • I've been playing fantasy football here at yahoo for the past 47 years - I've participated in 5,768 football leagues. This is the last straw - I'm going to Fanball next year.

    • I'm still 13-0 in two Yahoo leagues, 9-4 in the third and 8-5 in the 4th. I'll certainly be back in 2010 for Yahoo Fantasy Football, and 2011, and 2012.

    • You guys do realize you are complaining about a free site correct?

      You get what you pay for, there are lots of leagues out there that are inexpensive that are totally customizable.

    • what about that wonderful Stat tracker that NEVER works

      Yahoo is a ham an egg fantasy site!!!!
      our league is gone too

    • Cry cry cry. Its not real people.

    • later yahoo!
      cbssportsline is worth the money!!
      get what you pay for!

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