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  • jason jason Dec 9, 2009 12:04 AM Flag

    throwing game

    is it okay to throw a game to lower my seeding in the playoffs for a more favorable matchup example i was the three seed but if i lose i will move to the fourth and play the five seed who i beat two weeks ago and would be favored against again if i won though i would remain the three seed and play the sixth seed ( assuming this guy won who is playing someone with two guys that are inactive) who i would not be favored against, however the guy i am playing could also make the playoffs by me throwing the game if the other team were to lose( mind you he should win and the team that would beat me would not make the playoffs by virtue of the tiebreaker)

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    • I hope you get your arse beat in the Playoffs. You deserve it. Go Big or GO HOME! Maybe you want to change the format to your advantage? Just play your best and let the chips fall. Hope it all blows up in your face. It never works out how you plan.

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      • by winning you put yourself in the position to be able to make that decision. Its all about the matchups going forward.

        I had the option of being the first place or second place seed based off of my record going into week 12. I could have tanked then and got the 2nd seed and play weaker teams based off of playoff matchups.

        This makes sense if there are prizes for 1, 2, 3 and you are attempting to ensure you place in the prize.

        I chose to wino out. I secured the top seed and the guy I was attempting to avoid usurped the #2 player getting the second seed, so it all worked out anyway.

        If you are gonna dog it just set not your best. Who's to say anything.

        Good luck.

    • If it backfires you will feel really stupid. Besides, if you are the forth seed you will play the first seed the week after, so it may be better to be the third seed so you can play the second seed if you win the first week of the playoffs.

    • its legal and ok within the rules but it does not make it ok within the sportsmanship standards(competitiveness) of the game.what if everyone else on your league would bench all their players and score 0 points the rest of the season.let you win all the games including the championship game,would you really be a champion?yes you would but then again not really!

    • Start pissin' around and it will bite you in the assssss

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      • I would say it's "legal," but not ethical. Here's the biggest reason why:

        Say the guy who beats you in the laydown gets in the playoffs and knocks someone else out. That's crappy. Even if it improves someone's seeding, it's still, in my opinion, a no-go.

        Again, you are allowed to set your lineup however you see fit. But don't be surprised if you aren't invited back next year.

    • no it's not ok. you need to play every game to your best ability. can you imagine if you were a team that if some guy threw the game it cost you the playoffs? its just FF etiquette to set your lineup with the best players you can each week. besides, you may win that first matchup, but is it going to mean that all of the sudden your team is better and can now beat the team you would have played in the first round? no. if you want to be the champion, play like one...sorry for the corny line at the end. lol

    • We deserve more than a flimsy email. How about a genuine apology...clear logic (explanation)...an upfront disclaimer (in the rules)...a rationale/reason as to why this newfounc "logic" wasn't exercised until week 13 (one game before the playoffs start)...and some more training on stuff like this.

      If yahoo doctrine (i.e., best practices based on history) said 2003 (McCardell incident) was set precendence...then why a 180 degree reversal during weeks 8, 12 and others by Yahoo?

      Any way you cut it: It's not fair to change things without negatively impacting folks...unless the whole thing was wrong to begin with (which means Yahoo didn't listen to the logic from 2003). I believe they can gain MORE respect from folks after the apologize, admit they were wrong and show a way they'll make sure this doesn't happen again. Of course that's going to mean accountability for some pretty smart folks at yahoo.

      All anger aside...I do think they are smart folks and true professionals to handle all of these posts.

    • yes its ok


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