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  • Sam Sam Dec 9, 2009 12:01 AM Flag

    HUGE controversy - NOT Meachem related

    We have an issue in our league that I would like to get your guys opinions on.

    Player A had internet issues and was not able to change their lineup Sunday. Player A contacted the commissioner before the 1PM deadline notifying him of thier intented changes and asked Commish to alter roster manually. Commish notified Player A's opponent of changes also before the 1PM deadline. The commish was out of town and did not get to make said changes until allmost midnight Sunday night. What's your ruling?

    I dont want to get into who won because of what changes were or were not made or playoff implications there may or may not have been. I also dont want to offer my opinion to sway anyone.

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    • Same thing happened to me, kind of. My buddy went to the Colts game so didn't have access to the internet. He then found out on of his guys was out for the week so he asked me to adjust his roster. I did for him.......Same applies here. Even though the commish didn't make the changes in time, the opponent was aware of the changes. Therefore, the changes should be made.

    • The line-up changes should be allowed to be changed, regardless of the play offs implications, or win or lose. He asked the commish to do it before the deadline he is in the clear.

    • As a long time commish, there should be no controversy. In my opinion, internet problems or accessibility should not cause someone to lose a game if they contact the commish before game time. Whether or not the commish can make the changes in time is irrelevant; he should notify the whole league as soon as possible though.

    • IF the request was made in time and IF everyone was notified in time AND THE CHANGES were made in time then fine. If the Owner and Commish were unable to make the changes ON TIME then the Roster should remain as it was.

    • If the commish is an upstanding guy, the right thing to do is to award the points to the players that were intended to be there. The opponent was alerted of the roster change and the situation, as well as the commish. The opponent doesn't have a say in this as the outcome is irrelevant. The point is player A did all the necessary steps to ensure that his/her team would have the best possible line up, and the commish had the responsibility of putting the proper players in place. The commish fell through, not player A's fault.

    • Commish's second point is spot on, and just what I was going to say. Using the computer, and the internet, is a TOOL with which to help us play the game. The commissioner has certain abilities for a reason. If the manager informed the commissioner before the deadline, and the opposing team's manager was informed before the deadline, then the commissioner should go in and adjust the roster retroactively to the beginning of the weekend's games.

      This can easily be done, and should be done in this case.

    • It sounds like the commish is usually allowed to change other teams rosters if they are unavailable to do so in your league. Is this correct?

      If yes, and the parties involved knew exactly what the changes were, then I would use the lineup that was changed at midnight

    • i think that as long as an official lineup was set before 1pm, with both opponents knowing exactly who was playing before the games started, it shouldn't matter because no one knew what they were going to do before the deadline.

      that sounds a little confusing to even me. basically, both guys knew the lineup before 1PM, so switching the said players in at midnight is okay because the lineup was set before the deadline and everyone knew about it.

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      • first, this is obviously a ruling based on your team's internal rules. Some teams allow calls to the commish, some don't. If yours does, then the situation you described is totally fine. Just because the commish didn't get them in until late doesn't change anything to me.

        If this is the first time this has happened and there has been no discussion about whether this is allowed or not, I would say that the precedent has now been set that it is okay, but I would still allow the changes.

        Hope that helps.

    • The line-up changes should be applied if they were made clear to the commish and the other player before the deadline.