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    Letter to Yahoo -- Meacham TD

    To Yahoo FFL Points-Assessment-Branch:

    My UPFRONT purpose for writing you is to obtain relief from a clear injustice; specifically, the "Meachem TD, Week 13, NO v WAS" incident.

    My bottomline position: the Meachem forced fumble, recovery, applicable return yards (as determined by league settings, etc), and the TD need to be credited as a FF/FR, TD return for NO DEF holders.


    Your rules state that a prior week's scoring does not become official until the next week's games start. Week 13 games have started and finished. Therefore, any scoring from Week 12 or previous weeks is regarded as official results.

    --Dealing with official scores, I'd like to point out 2 situations. In week 8, the STL DEF received credit for a fumble recovery when a STL offensive player fumbled, a member of the opposing team recovered and then proceeded to fumble, and then a STL player recovered the fumble. In week 12, a similar situation arose when a NE offensive player fumbled, NO recovered and proceeded to fumble, and then Welker recovered the fumble for NE. NE DEF was credited with the fumble recovery. These were/are official YAHOO-approved credits (awarded points). Your 2009 rulings have been implemented throughout the season. Not honoring your previously established application of the rules would lend an unfair advantage for those who have benefited from its consistent application prior to WEEK 13 (i.e., the next to last game before the playoffs).

    --Using this same application in WK-13, the YAHOO team evaluated the incident in terms of "possession change" whereby Meachem recovered a fumble after a "change of possession" occurred (meaning he was on defense). You then correctly credited N.O. DEF/ST with the FR and the TD. Trust placed in this assessment affected how I utilized my lineup during the following day's game (i.e., during the Ravens game)--based solely on the previous day's point total. YOUR reassessment (which occured on Tuesday) negatively impacted my overall score and caused me to lose by less than 2+ points. This effectively knocked me down from #2 in my league to #5 (causing me to miss the playoffs). The key point here is that even in the Yahoo box score , RM is listed as a DEFENSIVE entry for the forced fumble recovery (+2 points) since he was on defense (effectively).

    --NFL.com, CBS.com and other FFL have ruled IAW established NFL doctrine (notice I used doctrine which is the same as "best practices" and application of the rules) to award DEF/ST points based soley off of the "change of possession" that automatically put Meacham on DEFENSE. If Meacham wasn't technically considered as DEF, he wouldn't have been allowed to advance the ball as the recovery occured with less than 2 minutes to go in the half (NOTE: NFL rules prevent offensive players from recovering the ball with less than 2 minutes to play--which further points to his officially NFL-recognized status as being on DEF). Your Yahoo rules emphasize that players' acts on the field are reflected via FFL using set criteria. Therefore, his act of forcing and recovering the ball (as a DEF player) should also be similarly reflected in the FFL point assessment.

    --The TD & the FF/FR could potentially be assessed independently, depending on how each league sets up its own criteria--meaning Meacham might gain extra points in some leagues but not in others....however, at the very least the DEF should get the FF/FR and return yards--aside from the TD. I again point to NFL rules on which side was credited with the FF/FR (i.e., the DEF).

    Please consider these points in re-evaluating the Meacham situation. It has negative impacted my current league.

    thank you.
    Yahoo fan.

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    • Your whining gripes about week 12 should have been rendered at that time. WEEK 13's call was correct. You missed the playoffs and are SOL

    • If yahoo made a mistake in week 8, why did you not confront them then? If yahoo made a mistake in week 12, why did you not confront them then. If they get the call right in week 13, why do you feel they should change it? My guess is none of you whining a-holes gave a shit about the mistakes until week 13. Yahoo got the call right in week 13. Quit whining about the correct call and quit complaining about mistakes in the past that they may have made. Every grievance has to be in a timely manner..ie within 24-48 hours. Under league settings in your league - it clearly states (Offensive Fumble Recovery TD) Now, once and for all - You Lost - Let it Go!

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      • You're wrong on so many levels. In the future, I'd like to post a response to show you why.

        Take care.

    • wow this is annoying seriously i think yahoo should just give meachem the 6 for a touchdown, and NO def what ever it deserves for it as well then ppl will stop crying about it jesus christ its annoying and a little sad, those points probably didnt make much of a difference to most ppl

    • LMAO- Is this guy serious writing that long ass email to Yahoo?...What a tool...LMAO

    • this is my first post ever, but wanted to see what people were saying on the issue. i can't understand why people like TODD are even on here. todd, capitalizing everything doesn't make you sound smarter. it's not louder or scarier. i'll find a message board on another sight that might have a retard or two also, but they might at least have a point.

    • It is what it is, time to accept it and move on.

      All in all its like saying a blown call cost you a game, when in reality there were many other factors involved before and perhaps after the call that were the real reasons. I would imagine the people that needed that 8 points probably had it sitting on the bench somewhere. If losing this game left you out of the playoffs perhaps there was a move you should have made that would have won you an earlier game and you wouldn't be in this situation.

      This ruling didn't ruin your season, you did during one of the hundreds of judgement calls over the full season, not one ruling by yahoo. Out if the millions of point accumulating plays they may have blown one, welcome to the real world.

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      • I proved my point to the people's opinion that made a difference in this case: My FFL.

        BTW, your "theory" sounded good but it avoided the real issue: Preserving the spirit of Fairness in your individual league.

        Even my league all agreed YAHOO screwed up by not being consistent over the 2009 season. As a league, we looked at the facts (both the NFL rules and intent of FFL rules) then took a vote.


    • Try to relax, Todd; the dude is clearly unbalanced. He's probably already planning on shooting up the Yahoo headquarters because they weren't "fair". What a moron.

    • First of all give up already they scored it and nothing you say is going to change it second, you need to get a life it is f--cking fantasy football no dies because of this and the world does not end get your panties out of a bunch and move on and stop having a hissy fit like a little four year old

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      • Todd,

        You are too much of an intelligent gentleman to be insulting. On top of that you've fought & bled for your country...in order to preserve America's Constitution...including the freedom of speech.

        On top of that, I've successfully put this issue before my FFL & they are reaching a consensus...the majority agree on how the NFL inteprets this...most importantly, they agree that YAHOO SHOULD have been consistent throughout the entire 2009 season. So I've been heard.

        Again, this whole issue isn't about just a FFL game, it's about preserving the spirit of FAIRNESS in our FFL. Yahoo can't destroy that NOR can you or your buddies.

        Take a time out...do something meaningful with this gift called life. CONGRATS on proving your point to your league.

      • this is my first post ever, but wanted to see what people were saying on the issue. i can't understand why people like TODD are even on here. todd, capitalizing everything doesn't make you sound smarter. it's not louder or scarier. i'll find a message board on another sight that might have a retard or two also, but they might at least have a point.

    • Was it OFF or DEF? How did the NFL see it?

    • Never forget...

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