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  • Dan T Dan T Dec 8, 2009 12:45 PM Flag

    why no one should get points !!!

    First off this happened about 5 years ago and yahoo gave the points to the player...

    The NFL rules this as a misc. TD it is not ruled as a DE TD look at the official rules and with the post if someone can find this from the previous explanation. If yahoo has its default scoring and there is no listing for misc TD then they cannot give points for it PERIOD. The default scoring that everyone has before the league is started is 6 points for a TD by rushing/reception/passing/Offensive fumble recovery. Yahoo does not have anywhere in their scoring for a misc TD therefore they are making up rules and scoring in the 13th week of the season. It makes the scoring rules of every league that is set up open to interpretation. It is a FREAK play but if they are going to follow the scoring set-up that they designed and allow people to customize before the leagues start they cannot change it mid season.

    I see a much stronger case for the TD to be placed on the NO DE than to meachem due to the fact that if you break the play down as simple as possible.....

    a player attempted to tackle another player running with the ball, the player with the ball fumbled and it was recovered by the tackling player and returned for a TD. If its broken down to what happenend it is a DE TD. It shouldnt matter that meachem is a WR and they started the play on offense it should matter what happened during the scope of the moment at hand. If you play in a league with IDP you should get points for meachem because your league is set up for that type of scoring so its in your PRE-DETERMINED rules that the league agreed to play under. If you have team DE or no DE then there should be no points for Meachem and possibly for the DE because its not in the PRE-DETERMINED rules.

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