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  • B. B. Dec 8, 2009 3:07 AM Flag

    The other side of the Meachem Scandal

    I lost because the commish gave the points to Meachem here is my story!

    The butterfly effect of 6pt……..

    First of all the scoring system is set before the draft; we draft our teams based on the scoring system that is in place, and it should not be changed.

    In week one, Texans free safety John Busing intercepted a pass from Mark Sanchez. He then fumbled that interception, and it was picked up by Dominique Barber of the Texans. Barber ran that fumble into the endzone (all Texans fans should remember this play, as it was one of the few highlights of that game).

    The Barrels had the Texans DEF starting that week, and the exact same score change (Yahoo had taken the points away) happened. The touchdown was taken away from the Texans DEF that night (you will see that if you look at the Barrels stats for week one).

    Now this games margin was greater then 6 points, but if it was not you would have a similar situation that we could have here today. Games could have been won that were lost, playoff positions might have been changed, tied win/loss teams positions would change based on those points, and so forth.

    When the turnover in the Saints game happened the Saints offence became the defense, and Meachem’s fumble recovery for a touchdown happened as he was playing defense. Therefore the 6pts would go to the Saints DEF not Meachem. This is the way Yahoo saw it, it is the way Yahoo has scored these situation all year long (as demonstrated in the week one Texans game), and is the way this play should be kept.

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    • This is similar to a situation involving special teams. When a team kicks off, they are considered offense until the receiving team takes possession. Then they are considered defense.
      The correct ruling should be that Meachum was a defensive player at the time of the fumble recovery. It's the same as if Meachum was starting on the N.O. kickoff team. If he recovers a fumble on a kickoff and returns it for a touchdown, the DST should and will get credit.

    • Consider that the scoring is based on which side of the ball the individual who scores is started on. Meaning, that if Meachem was starting on the offensive roster, then any scores by him should be offensive in nature. Just like on the field when a referee makes a call either way, he doesn't change the teams from defense to offense depending on how the play pans out. Maybe this is how Yahoo is approaching the whole thing.

    • two defenses cant be on the field at the same time. if u draft a def or spt they should start the play from the hike of the ball in order to get points its only fair

    • The offense didn't become the defense, that's the thing. If they did, then you'd have to say the Skins defense became the offense - meaning there can never be a defensive touchdown. And even if you did argue that, when Meachem took the ball back, he was on the offense again.

      I'm not sure I understand the scoring part - you're saying that in both cases the defense wasn't awarded the points? In this case that's definitely the call to make, in the Texans case, I'm not sure, but I kinda doubt it.

    • it also the way they scored it in 2003 when Doss got the Int then McCardell stripped him and scored. Fumble and TD to Tampa Bay Def. I'm glad yahoo scores it this way. ESPN scores it as rec TD for Off. player.


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