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  • Luke G Luke G Dec 7, 2009 8:04 PM Flag

    Clear Answer to RM / DEF TD question

    Check the Scoring Settings in your league, as each Yahoo league is different depending on how your commish sets it up. However, you'll find that 3 simple scoring Categories are the same for all yahoo leagues.

    1.) Offense

    2.) Kickers

    3.) Defense

    Under the offense category in my league, there is a score setting for OFFENSIVE FUMBLE RECOVERY TD (set to 6 pts), which would be credited to the offensive player upon a FR for TD (in this case Robert Meechum)

    There is not a score setting for "Defensive Fumble Recovery TD by an offensive player who actually scores while the Defensive Team you drafted is actually on the bench and not on the field". This would obviously be stupid.

    Yahoo is obviously confused and/or needs to correct the stat. If they don't, it should be the responsibility of your commish to make this change, as it's the only one that makes any sense.

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