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    Meachem TD explained

    I'm sure there are plenty of you that will argue this, nonetheless, here it is...

    Even the NFL stats department complies that this was the case...

    When Moore picked off Brees, there was a change of possession. Obvious, right? As such, the Saints who were on the field became defensive players because they were attempting to stop the Redskins from scoring on the play. Meachem did just that by stripping the ball out of Moore's grasp and running it back for a touchdown. He did this as a defensive player, not an offensive player, because he was technically on defense once the change of possession occurred.

    Thus, the Saints DST gets credit for the score. There's even a precedent: In 2003 Keenan McCardell did the exact same thing for the Bucs in a game against the Colts, and we rewarded the Buccaneers DST, not McCardell.

    Still not convinced? Let's simplify the argument: Did Meachem catch the ball, throw the ball, take the ball on a handoff or get the ball on a lateral? In short, did he do anything that a player who plays on offense does to get Fantasy points? The answer is no. The only other way an offensive player can get credit for points in Fantasy Football is on an offensive fumble return for a touchdown, and that can only happen when the ball doesn't change possession. Again, Meachem was technically a defender at the time of the strip and thus was and is considered a part of the Saints defense, or DST.

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