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  • neil neil Dec 7, 2009 1:19 PM Flag

    Robert Meachem -offensive fumble return touchdown

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    You took away 6 points from Robert Meachem of the New Orleans Saints for an Offensive Fumble return Touchdown. According to your score and settings- an Offensive Fumble Return for a touchdown is worth 6 points. Your decision is costing me a win and a chance for the playoffs. I am considering quitting Yahoo Fantasy Football ,removing all my players and never playing in your leagues again. Fair is fair. In my opinion, your decision is unfair. I am sure my opinion is not the only one regarding Robert Meachem. I feel cheated!


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    • i feel cheated too because taking away the defensive td cost me a playoff spot. if it would have stayed the way it was i would be in playoffs, whats going on here. they were defending the end zone when it was fumbled, there fore making it a defensive td. right????????

    • OH NO!! is someone at yahoo head office aware that you plan to "remove your players and never play in their leagues again"? i'm sure if they did they would certainly reach out to you in an attempt to regain your business. i don't see how they could afford to lose your account. how much do you pay to be in yahoo leagues again?

    • You can trust YAHOO to do the right thing. Just send in a scoring dispute.

      They apply the rules fairly. They did in Weeks 8 & week 12.

      Remember, it's your opinion that counts!

    • No i lost due to this also. They gave me the pointsfor a defensive td and fumble recovery cuz I have NO def. Now they seem to have given noone the points N I also lost which put me out of the playoffs to the guy I lost to. I mean this is some real BS!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Not an offensive touchdown. period. if anyone should feel cheated, it's those with the NO special teams/defesnse. If a Saints player had fumbled and Meachem would have recovered, then it would be considered and offensive fumble recovery and touchdown. But since that didn't happen, I have no idea how anyone could see it differently.

    • me 2 this cost me the playoffs it sucks

    • i agree. Meachems fumble recovery was a legitimate offensive fumble return. WTF YAHOO ???? it doesnt make sense for the N.O. DEF to get credit for a TD they didnt even score?!

    • I understand they cheated me the 6 points to.. the worst thing is first they gave it to meachem then took it away thats messed up stick to the first decision

    • I totally agree...because of this god awful scoring I lost the number one seed in playoffs...since when does an offensive player score a td and it go to the defense....this needs to be changed immediately...im done with yahoo if this doesn't get changed...there is no possible away anyone can say that meachems td should be a defensive td.

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      • look here is the most logical way this should be scored since Meachem was playing defense on the ball carrier and then strips the ball and takes it for a TD then the saints DEF should get a DEF TD and also Meachem should get a DEF TD like any other defensive player would if he were to recover a fumble for a TD but this is only if you use defensive players.....
        Lets take this should an offensive player be credited a tackle point if he were to tackle a player after int/fumble? since a tackle is a DEFENSIVE stat
        In the end it all comes down to how Yahoo thinks it should be scored or who ever is your fantasy site.. i know CBS gave it to saints D.

    • It is scored correctly. Meacham was playing Defense at the time.

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