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  • Mike Mike Dec 7, 2009 11:51 AM Flag

    N.O. D should not get points

    N.O. d should not get points becouse they were never on the field. the t.d. fumble rec. and yards should go to r.meach. and only r.meach. not N.O. d.

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    • NO Defense/ST gave up the TD. That should go as 6 Points Allowed.
      They still got an interception. They should get their points for that.
      Meachem gets his points for the return yards and return TD.
      The NO Defense's Points Allowed should only be changed while their Defense or Special Teams is on the field.

    • agreed, i have a feeling yahoo is (and should) change it

    • That is the point everyone seems to miss

      if the defense becomes the offence as soon as the interception, then there would never be a defensive touchtown

      also, if the washington player returned that interception for a TD, the saint D would not have been charged for those points against, so that way of looking at it is simply not correct

    • Man! This really messes me up. I have Robert Meachem and my opponent has Saints D. Ahhhh! lol

      Hopefully Driver will get a few TDs tonight.

    • If the TD goes to the NO DEF, then why does the Washington DEF have 33 points against listed this week? No way you can make that ruling if it was supposedly a defensive TD. You can't have both defenses on the field at the same time, and you can't convince me that it was a special teams play.

    • He doesn't get anything for that play. After the int it is a change of possession and New Orleans is no longer on offense but defense. So it is fumble recovery and td by the defense. You don't get individual points for defensive plays unless you have roster spots for individual defensive players in your league like a lb, cb, or de now stfu already and stop your f--king b-tching!

    • The New Orleans d should not get a touchdown. You draft the New Orleans d during the draft or you pick up the New Orleans d not the offense. Meachem should get points for the td. It should be 6 for Meachem.

    • I clearly understand your logic on this matter but it seems to me that your contradicting yourself if you allow points to be credited against the defense for interception and fumble returns when the defense was clearly not on the field either. Seems to me you shouldn't have your cake and eat it too.
      Thank you

    • so many fantasy football people, so little football knowledge....

      it is astonishing.

      the personnel on the field do not determine which team is on defense you chowder-heads, possession of the ball does.

      and I even lost the points but it is the correct ruling....

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      • If this is the correct ruling (NO D gets points for the TD), then why do pick-6s not count as points against a defense? If the defense is the team without the ball, then if the Dolphins intercept Brady (the Dolphins would immediately become the offense) and run it back for a TD, that would be an instance of the Dolphins offense scoring points on the New England Defense. Therefore there could NEVER be a defensive TD and ALL points scored would be points scored against a defense. However, yahoo has never worked this way. In the above scenario, the 6 points the Dolphins scored on the INT would NOT count against New England's defense. And they WOULD count for the Dolphins defense.

        The problem with counting the TD for New Orleans' Defense is that it is completely inconsistent with how all other defensive scoring is done.

    • would you be saying that if you had NO D probably not, let it go and just have fun.

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