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  • D-Hunt D-Hunt Dec 6, 2009 9:43 PM Flag

    Saints D touchdown?

    I have Saints D and they had that weird play against the skins, a fumble then the skins recovered then the skins fumbled and robert meachem picked it up and scored. Shouldn't they get a touchdown since they were now on defense? I didnt think so but they gave the Saints D credit for a fumble recovery and I figured if they did that they should give them a TD too

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    • nope, the defense did not score it, the offense just got the ball back...im not sure why everyone is crying bout these little points...hey people the SAINTS DEFENSE DIDNOT score

    • This topic has been discussed at nausea on these boards. Yahoo will make the right call. Personally I think it'd be retarded to give the D a TD for this. People use the logic "as soon as possession of the ball changes, the offense becomes the defense." However in this case that happened twice, so did Washington turn into the offense, then back to the defense? The defense in the case of an interception never changes to the offense, since all stats are still credited to the defense. Why then should 1) the offense turn into the defense during an interception, and 2) should they remain defense if they recover the regain possession? People are bending the rules to their own needs because you can argue this either way. I just think it would be inconsistent to give the defense a TD and not Meachum.

    • First off, I was at the game and I think that was the strangest play I have ever witnessed. I'm a skins fan and sad to watch them blow it. Damn you Suisham. I also have another league on nfl.com and they counted it as a DTD.

      This kind of play is a conundrum in fantasy because it's rare, so there's the issue is unclear. In the end, I think this is going to depend on how a DTD is defined in fantasy leagues. If a DTD is defined as the defensive or special teams roster scoring a TD, then no, this is not a DTD. If it's defined as a team gaining possession of the ball by way of turnover and then returning it for a TD, then it should be a DTD regardless of whether the it was the offense starting off with the ball. In the latter case, it's a defensive fumble recovery from the opposing defense. This all sounds like semantics, and in a way it is. However, I think if it's ruled a DTD, then Meachem shouldn't get those points. If it's ruled and Offensive TD, then the defense shouldn't be credited with a fumble recovery. Basically, it comes down to there not being an offensive fumble recovery. Personally, I don't think the rules are very clear on what this is, so I think it could go either way.

    • if the def gets the td pts then they have to take td pts away from meachem

    • Yes, the Saints D gets a touchdown because once the offense fumbles or throws a pick, the opposing team goes on defense. So the Redskins got the pick on defense, that puts them on offense and when Meachem stripped and took the ball, he did so on defense. Meachem gets points for the TD (but no yardage) AND the Saints D gets a TD.

      Michael Fabiano from nfl.com explains it here. http://blogs.nfl.com/category/fantasy/

    • apparantly Yahoo thinks there is and are scoring it that way or none of us would be beatin this to death, it doesn't effect my team either way, I just want to know whether Yahoo will folow NFL rules or their own

    • I still don't understand how an offensive team can turn into a defensive team once they lose the ball, but then can't turn back to an offensive team once they get it back. Seems inconsistent to me to have it so the offense can change its designation, but the defense can't.

    • Again I agree with you

    • Look at the 50 posts under yours. Read then write.

    • No Yahoo Fanasty football is the ONLY one who counted that as a defensive TD. Thats bullshit i lost by .2 pts.

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