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  • Grant Grant Dec 6, 2009 4:32 PM Flag

    New Orleans Defense

    They should have a defensive td today because when brees threw an interception they became the defense and stripped the ball and scored can anyone explain this reason for a no touchdown.

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    • This is what Yahoo did when Keenan McCardell did the exact same thing in 2003. Presumably they'll give the TD to Meachem and not to the NO defense, given the importance of being consistent in their rulings:

      "The Tampa Bay defense lost the points associated with a second defensive TD. Teams with the Tampa Bay defense for week 5 received points for only 1 touchdown.
      Yahoo! Sports does not recognize the change of possession and switch the Tampa Bay players from offense to defense on this play. Had Doss returned the interception for a touchdown, no points allowed would have been charged to the Tampa Bay defense. As such, when McCardell recovered the fumble and returned it for a touchdown, no touchdown was credited to the Tampa Bay defense.

      Scoring for this play will not be reconsidered or adjusted further."

    • I agree you should. You're not witty enough to form a decent comeback so I would take the easy way out too. Enjoy acting like a cool kid on message boards. Sounds like a very satisfying way to spend time

    • haha such a tool. Another internet badass trying to act cool on message boards. You're the man.

    • Let's keep it simple for the morons. Offense or defense is determined solely by possession of the football. .if you have the ball by way of int , fumble -whatever -- you are on offense-period! Does everyone know what possession is? Good! It does not matter what your normal postion that you play on the field . Brees throws int to washington- washington now offensive -team- meachem strips ball as defender recovers and takes it in as a td .-- let's say meachem get's jacked and fumbles back to washington. That would be a meachem offense fumble and a washington def recovery . It could go on and on ------ it's about possession of the rock --get it !!!!! 95% of us know the rules and know no def gets the td . lesson over

    • If u noticed R. Meachem didnt get no points for the td from that fumble, so the offense became the Defense and got awarded for the fumble but not the Td. I think they should be award for the TD too. I hope yahoo update this soon.

    • Ok think about this If Washington would have scored The Defense would have got the touchdown not Washington's offense correct. If you use logic and think about this their offense was on the field not the defense........

    • Apparently, the NFL.com league gave the NO D the TD. Why not yahoo?

    • I have the Saints on nfl.com and was awarded points for a defensive TD. I am almost positive that yahoo and nfl use the official nfl scoring so I demand a defensive TD from yahoo.

    • Saints D does not get 6 points because they weren't on the field...Meachum will get points for an offensive fumble recovery because thats what it was,,your offense stays your offense and does not become your defense on a play like that...same reason why points aren't taken away from Defenses when a fumble or interception is taken back for a TD...under that theory the defense who scored would become the offense once they intercepted or recovered the fumble and all points scored should go to the offense....just doesnt work that way

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      • I think this is a good point, there should be a defensive td. If the offense throws a pick 6, the points certainly count against the defense, even if they aren't on the field. If the offense can be the defense and give up points for a touchdown, the offense should be able to be the defense and get credit for scoring a touchdown while in a defensive mode. Once the other team is in possession of the ball, whoever is on the field becomes the defense.

    • it gave y D the fumble recovery therefore the offense became the defense.

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