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  • young zeek young zeek Dec 6, 2009 2:42 PM Flag

    Where are my Robert Meachem for that touchdown?!

    Got ripped off for that play. Should have got touchdown points!!

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    • Washington defense-33 points allowed. Enough said, but I'll explain anyway. If Washington's defense allowed 33 points wouldn't that indicate that the Saints offense scored 33 points. How can the Saints defense score on the Redskins defense?

    • I have offensive fumble recovery for TD as a point category in my league. I should deff get points for that and i didnt

    • Where is points also for the 44 yards if he was returning a punt. He would get those yards and points with the defense return yards.

    • He doesn't get anything for that play. After the int it is a change of possession and New Orleans is no longer on offense but defense. So it is fumble recovery and td by the defense. You don't get individual points for defensive plays unless you have roster spots for individual defensive players in your league like a lb, cb, or de now stfu already and stop your f--king b-tching!

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      • There is a legitimate argument in both directions, but I have a strong stance on what SHOULD be the decision. First, the NFL rule book has a piece of related info that confirms "strictly speaking" that Meachem was on "defense" from their perspective, at the time he forced that fumble.

        Note: A team becomes Team A when it has been designated to put ball in play, and it remains Team A until a down ends, even though there might be one or more changes of
        possession during the down. This is in contrast with the terms Offense and Defense. Team A is always the offense when a down starts, but becomes the defense if and when
        B secures possession during the down, and vice versa for each change of possession.

        However, if one uses this definition a team defense could NEVER score a TD. As soon as they obtain the ball in a turnover, they would become the offense by this definition. If that happened defenses could never get 6 for a TD and the whole system is broken. Therefor, if you want to give New Orleans points for forcing that fumble/recovering a fumble, fine. But this logic can't be applied to get the NO D 6 points if you are play in a league which gives traditional points for a "D" scoring Tds.

        Look, for my money the spirit of fantasy football defense is known to most of us. We draft knowing what it means. We don't expect to get points from any of their offensive players and have it count as "D" unless they are PLAYING the down at the start on D. IIf an offensive player PLAYING a down on offense scores in this way, the most fair thing to do is give the points to the player as an offensive touchdown (not a receiving touchdown), and NOT credit the defense with a TD.Meachem should get an individual TD and AT BEST the NO team D gets a recovered fumble. I'm not even sold on that last bit.

        Time to come up with a policy Yahoo, and post it in the rules. It's happened more than once, after all...

      • Hey moron shut your suc hole ...you have no idea what your talking about....get back to work your gonna be late for you shift at walmart.

      • No it counts as a return touchdown at no point does a turnover in the nfl constitute an offense becomings the defense and vice versa hence why NO defense didnt get any points for the forced fumble and/or fumble recovery cause the NO defense WAS NOT ON THE FIELD

    • I got points for Meachem's reach in cause it counts as a RETURN TOUCHDOWN! I am a commish in my league and made the scoring set up like that Y! default doesnt

    • So basically yahoo isnt give us points for Meachum? I have seen posts where people have said their commish gave them points. How can they do this?

    • Yeah , i would like to know why we got ripped off. robert meachem scored that touchdown not new orleans defense. this should be changed, we need to keep complaning.

    • Im in the same boat as you guys were is my 6 for Meachem!!!!

    • This is what Yahoo did when Keenan McCardell did the exact same thing in 2003. Presumably they'll give the TD to Meachem and not to the NO defense, given the importance of being consistent in their rulings:

      "The Tampa Bay defense lost the points associated with a second defensive TD. Teams with the Tampa Bay defense for week 5 received points for only 1 touchdown.
      Yahoo! Sports does not recognize the change of possession and switch the Tampa Bay players from offense to defense on this play. Had Doss returned the interception for a touchdown, no points allowed would have been charged to the Tampa Bay defense. As such, when McCardell recovered the fumble and returned it for a touchdown, no touchdown was credited to the Tampa Bay defense.

      Scoring for this play will not be reconsidered or adjusted further."


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