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  • M.C. M.C. Nov 10, 2009 5:03 PM Flag



    My roster now has

    QB Jay Cutler
    RB Gore, Barber, Tomlison, K. Smith, and Beanie Wells
    WR Calvin Johnson, Steve Smith (car), Sidney Rice
    TE V. Davis, G. Olsen
    DEF- Miami, SF

    However I am somehow just 4-5 w/ this talented roster and tied for the final playoff spot @ the moment.
    2 questions: did I win this trade? and how am i only 4-5 w/ this talented roster?

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    • I start gore and barber as well. barber has disappointed thusfar. But i think this was a good trade for you. try trading LT for a Welker or Bowe-esque WR

    • I think its about even. You should consider picking up Chris Chambers off the waiver wire. Bowe has been inconsistent, and I don't think that Chambers is a one-week wonder. He's been waived, staring unintentional retirement in the face, so he's hungry, and Cassel looks eager to get it to him.

      I have never been a Bowe fan, and there is some hope that Calvin soon will have whatever big games he's going to get this year.

      Barber is the #1 back in name, but with Jones and Choice as swiss army knife options, he is not the Barber of years past. However, I do think that you made out ahead a little.

    • Not really, you needed to upgrade at WR and you traded your most productive one.

      How many starting RB and WR slots do you have?

      Do you really need to carry two TE?

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      • We play 2 rb's and 2 wr's w/ a flex option (rb/wr).
        I'm working on a trade noe that involves me trading away beanie wells for derrickl mason to balance my roster a little more.
        But I traded for marion b/c bowe seems like he only produces if he gets in the endzone w/ low yardage out-puts and tough match-ups and LT has some tough match-ups and has been struggling recently. Barber seems posed 4 a big game.

        But i appreciate the insight and will take that into consideration.


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