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  • Andrew Brooks Andrew Brooks Nov 10, 2009 8:02 AM Flag

    Difficult Manager

    I am looking for advice on how to handle a manager in my league. He is a friend of a friend that I didn't invite to join and is now harrassing myself and another manager in the league on the message boards and via his league blasts. I know I can stop him from posting, but the other manager has asked me not to do that. He is homophobic, racist, and mysoginistic in his postings. It all started because the other manager asked me to make a roster adjustment four weeks ago because she was unable to set her roster and accidentally left a player on bye on her roster. It happened after the kickoff for the second game on Sunday. I had to swap the W/R option player into a WR slot so that one of her bench players (a RB) who was playing in Monday night's game (so there was no way points could be known in advance) could be put in for the player on bye. In my opinion, a fair request that as commissioner I could accommodate without affecting the competitive balance in the league.

    Bear in mind that there is no money at stake, nor do I run an ultra-competitive league. Rather it is one for me and my friends and family to have fun with while following the football season. This other manager has been keyed into this roster adjustment for three weeks now, refusing to let it go, claiming it was wrong and going off on diatribes that are just disgusting. Does anyone have any suggestions short of banning this guy from the message board? I already plan on not inviting him back nor my friend who invited him next year. I fear there will be no other options at this point, but I wanted to check around first. Thanks.

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    • Unfortunately, you changed the roster after kick-off. Otherwise it wouldn't be an issue. Obvioulsy, had you known the repercussions, you'd probably left things unchanged.

      Regarding the other manager's reaction: Realize that ANGER is something that is self-induced. Outside influences don't make anyone mad, we CHOOSE to make ourselves mad. That's his problem, not yours.
      Don't shut him down, but don't let him get to you either.

    • You're the Commish of the league. Your ruling is the final. Screw him. If he doesn't like it, you can give him the option of either saying nothing else, or exiting the league himself if it is bothering him that much. Then he can start his on league next year, and be the commish...with his own twisted rules.

    • Here's another option:

      Be the bigger person and admit your mistake. Then, If you can, change it back to the way it would have been. You're not a 3 year old playing monopoly where you can change the rules when ever you please. Nobody wants to play with that kid anyway.

      After that, if he keeps it up then you are fully justified in freezing him, or blocking him, or doing whatever facist censorship you obvioulsy want to do to him anyway.

      And for entertainment purposes we commenters would appreciate if you could post some samples of the offending smack talk

      Thank you

    • thats about ur only op. i did a little research on it..say the league contacted u and said ban him frm M board that kind of BS is unexceptable.BAN HIM ITS UR LEAGUE!!!!!

    • Just being being a pussy and sack up. Whiner

    • Don't change a roster after kickoff! The only way this ever could be acceptable, is if the person whose roster needs changes provides written (email) mesage dated prior to kickoff explaining to the entire league what change she wants to make, and why she couldn't make it herself.

      However, whats done is done. Block the guys messages, and lock his team if necessary (so he doesn't dump everyone).

    • Are you kidding? you deserve it. Pay league or not, you don't change a roster after the kickoff. The fact that you did something like that and don't see why its wrong speaks volumes about your character. I'd be willing to bet you're not telling the full story here.

      After a jerk move like that the guy probably actually wants out, and is baiting you into it. Quit being a baby and suck it up, or be a real man and confront the guy yourself.

    • for future reference, dont help someone who neglects to set their roster...it isnt the end of the world for them, its only Fantasy Football, and if it were important, they would have taken care of it one way or another before kickoff. But regardless, you and your friends dont have to put up with someone like that, and I wouldnt hesitate to mute him or even get rid of him just because the friend of the friend asked you not to...Id do it right now.

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      • I fully agree with vulcan r. Give the moron a warning (or have his friend do it) and make sure he knows if he keeps it up, he will be banned (or his team locked) and follow through. As for changing a lineup, if it was a one time thing, there shouldn't be a problem. That guy sounds like he has a screw loose. I mean it's not even a pay league! WTF? He needs to calm down and enjoy it!

    • I would say something back to the unruley manager and then lock his team! It would eat at him more if you get the last word and then locked him from posting.

    • I would try talking to the friend who invited him and see if they could talk with him and get him to stop..mind you i don"t think that will happen but its worth a shot and at least you tried to be civil about it and give the guy a chance..remind him its a family and friends league for fun..not for money..and if that doesnt work then you just need to tell him as commish that enough is enough and if he doesnt stop he will be banned and then follow thru. If I'm not mistaken you also can actually kick him out of the league if need be even though that might screw up the rest of the season for your teams. If he doesnt like the decision you made tell him to file a complaint with Yahoo Fantsay Football and let them investigate if its that big of a deal to him.Even if it were a money league you still shouldn't have to deal with what sounds like personal attacks and slurs. Good Luck in dealing with him.

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