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    Advice with explanations

    You post the question, ill give the player and why. I like to help people out because I know I count on others opinions when im making tough decisions. In the only league I care about this fall I am in third (5-2) with the most points scored so I would like the think I know what I am saying. Ask away...ill be watching some Boston/Chicago basketball while I wait for some questions (Go Bulls!)

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    • Currently I have for RBs
      MJD (JAC), Ricky Williams (MIA), Cedric Benson (IND),Jonathan Stewart (CAR), Fred Jackson (BUF)

      Should I drop Fred Jackson and/ Jonathan Stewart?

      Pickup 1/2 of the following from FA ?

      Beanie Wells ARI
      Mike Bell NO
      LeSean McCoy PHI


    • at my flex non ppr: desean jackson at NYG, ray rice at DEN, or greg jennings at MIN?


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      • Well everybody it has been fun but its been 3 hours. We didnt reach the 1000 posts goal this week, but maybe we can do it next week. Best of luck everybody... PEACE

      • To me i have to pick the running back over the wr in non-ppr. Jackson/jennings can either be huge factors or non factors and that hit or miss factor is dangerous. Jackson should be involved but he gets limited touches with decent coverage. Jennings has underperformed so far this season. He has the name value of a top wr but he just hasnt put together the big game yet. This could be the week but once again, its not guranteed. Rice to me is the safest pick. He is the starting rb and mcgahee is slowly losing his touches. Rice is a big factor in the pass and run game, so he gets yardage in both parts of the offense. Its not the greatest matchup, but it is the safest play

    • I have a QB bye week, which QB should I pick?

      Marc Bulger vs DET
      Ryan Fitzpatrick vs HOU
      Chad Henne vs NYJ
      Matthew Stafford vs STL
      Vince Young vs JAC


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      • I would go with Stafford. I dont think Bulger's job is safe, even for a game against the lions and I think they will ride jackson. Fitzpatrick is decent but the offense overall is terrible and houston does have a few playmakers. Henne is ok but they are working on new wrs starting and ginn losing some reps so the transition may hurt him and i love the rbs in that game, dont like the wrs or qbs. Young is gonna try to overplay to try to show he deserves to start and I think this will cause turnovers. Jax defense is average at best, but young is containable with the right gameplan. Stafford has the best chance to succeed. I expect calvin the play and st. louis isnt scary at all. Ill take stafford out of all these qbs

    • Which DEF for this week?

      MIA vs NYJ

      BUF vs HOU


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      • I am not in love with either of these matchups. I feel like miami/nyj will be a shootout but also a heavy run game which barely includes turnovers. I also feel if Ryan gets that chance, he will run up the score as much as possible. Buffalo has an above average defense but houston is an above average offense. Its a clash of 2 decent teams here but I see houston taking control of the game. If I had to choose I would go buffalo because I feel they are the better defense overall

    • Of Sims-Walker, Desean Jackson, Sidney Rice , M. Crabtree which three should I go with in week 8?

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      • All great players, I would have to go with the proven 3. As long as sims-walker is active (doesnt get suspended again for some stupid reason like a few weeks ago) he should do great (2 scores in the first matchup between these two) Jackson is the best playmaker for the eagles after westbrook (who i assume will be out this week). He will be worked into the offense early and often if the eagles want to win. Rice is Favre's favorite guy to pass to in that offense. It seems like he constantly gets the ball thrown his way, especially on third down. Not a favorable matchup but he has produced this season beyond expectations. Crabtree started good last week but it was only his first week. He has high upside, but ill take consistency over possibility of production

    • Celek or Heap at TE

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      • I like Heap here. Eagles are struggling on the O line and a Giants defense that loves to blitz will require an extra blocker. Last go round when Osi met Winston Justice, Osi had himself that nice little 6 sack game. Heap is able to go out for routes in the Balt offense because they can handle the Denver rush. Ill trust Heap this week who seems to be clicking with Flacco when it comes to the passing game, right after his fav. target in derrick mason

    • Which player should I start as Flex?

      Fred Jackson vs HOU

      Shonn Greene vs MIA

      Nate Burleson vs DAL


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      • Jackson has taken a major cutback in carries which is suprising. He started great but he isnt performing at a high enough level to start. Its a decent matchup but Im not a fan of his right now. Greene came on strong last week (easy to do against the raiders but still impressive). I believe he is your best bet here for the flex. I see this game being a heavy run game with lots of scores. It should be an exciting game and greene should do well. Burleson is a decent play against dallas but head to head with greene I will 9/10 times take a rb against a wr based on potential touches. Only 2 guys to hand the ball off to most of the time (fb or hb) while in the passing game you got 2 wr, 1 te, rb, fb usually. Ill take Greene here.

    • My third receiver is from injury central. My first two are Sims-Walker and Austin. I need one from my walking wounded.
      Boldin, Breaston or Calvin Johnson. Thanks

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      • Solid WRs there, sucks you got so many injuries. I really think this is between Boldin and Calvin. Breaston has his days but I think the other 2 are better options, even with some injuries. Boldin gets his chances but they are limited due to the ability for fitz. to carry an offense. He looked ok last week with the hurt ankle and a full week of practice shows he is ready for this week. Its a decent matchup against the panthers and has shootout potential or a good chance for a heavy passing game for AZ. Calvin would be my choice to play however if he is active. He is a tough guy who will get you your points with the easiest matchup. He did take a reduced number of reps in practice today compared to thurs. so that is not a good sign but this could be to save him. If he is inactive, I would go Boldin.

    • Hi, which two would you pick out of this three? Pierre Thomas, Ryan Grant and Ahmad Bradshaw, I would say Bradshaw and Grant but I'm not sure.

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      • I am going to have to agree with you there. I am still not sold on thomas as long as bell is still playing. I think Saints will get a limited number for offensive series which will result in more passes than runs. Grant is the only back there in green bay and coming off a great game, he should stay hot. Its a tough matchup but he has the skills to put together a decent game (only rough spot i see is that when they get in the redzone its tough for him to get in the endzone). Bradshaw may get the least touches out of all three but can turn them into big gains. Eagles like to blitz so they are in turn vulnerable to the screen. Bradshaw has better hands than jacobs so that could be where he gets most of his yardage

    • Correll Buckholter or Matt Forte to start at RB

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      • Have to trust your guy here, probably your 1st round pick if not 2nd round, in forte. Solid matchup with big play possibility. Hasnt performed up to par but this is one of those show me games where if he doesnt perform its time to start looking elsewhere. Correll is in a decent offense but up against a Baltimore defense that can stop the run and he is still in a timeshare with the rook moreno. Trust the guy with guranteed carries and better matchup...MATT FORTE

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