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  • T-Bone T-Bone Oct 17, 2009 1:22 AM Flag

    Need help? I'll answer questions

    who do i start at receiver? I've got andre johnson, donald driver, roy williams and terrel owens. i also have garcon but he's on a bye. what u think?

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    • donald driver is pretty much a given with rodgers and the packers going against the lions D.
      T.O. is a joke in my mind. hes a good reciever but with his situtaion at buffalo and his qb, he wont put up good numbers unless they do some serious change in their play calling.
      roy williams is also on a bye
      so that leaves andre johnson
      he wont have a very good day because of the bengals defense who has been amazing at shutting down teams key recievers, but i believe he will still put up better numbers then owens

    • DEFINITELY not TO or Roy Williams.
      TO plays for the Bills. TO has been terrible. TO is surviving off his name and his name only at this point.

      Did I mention he plays for the bills?

      Roy Williams is on a bye...

      If you can start two, start Driver who'll be playin the Lions, and Johnson.

      But I'd start AJ over Driver anyways. AJ is the kind of player that's pretty much a must start


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