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  • Eulogys Eulogys Oct 9, 2009 9:18 PM Flag

    Weekly Wavier (Sun-Tues)

    I've gotta agree with Brian P. Some people don't spend their time in front of the computer on Sundays and/or have Sunday Ticket. They also might have family obligations on sunday, or might actually be attending a game. They should have the same opportunity to pick up the same players as everyone else.

    As for your #1 waiver guy, tell him to either use his waiver or get whats left. If there's someone he wants, then he gets him. I've had the #1 waiver spot in my league since week 2, yet there has not been anyone worth using it for right now. I wait until waivers clears, and then I hit the FA. I don't bitch about it because I understand the process. It will also comes in handy next week as Peyton Manning is the only QB on my roster. I'll be dropping him next week to pick up a QB during his BYE week and then with the #1 waiver, I'll be grabbing him off waivers.

    Now, as a commissioner, I would be very hesitant to change the league structure 1/3 of the way thru the season.


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