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    What can I do about my situation? I am in a 12 person league and one of the members of the league is no longer participating since he got laid off. is there a way that i can transfer ownership of his team to someone else. I would like to give his team to someone not currently in our league that would be willing to pick up a 3-1 team. Help please!

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    • The alternate approach to what I stated previously would be to have the manager that needs to bow out simply invite someone to co-manage their team. He can do that under "my team" then "team settings". If he's still on speaking terms with your league, that's the easiest approach. The only drawback would be that whatever position the team finishes in will reflect on your current managers stats instead of the replacement managers stats.

    • It's not as easy as the prior post makes it sound. You need to got to Yahoo Help and file under Cheating or Other Abuse, explain that there is no cheating but you have an inactive manager that is leading to non competitive competition in your league. You'll need to identify someone to take the team over first, then;

      The info you need is;

      - League ID =
      - Current Team Name (team needing replacement manager)=
      - New Yahoo! ID for the team =
      - New email address for league emails =

      Yahoo should take care of it within a couple of days.

    • the guy that is in it has to go to the manager thing and click remove team and he will be gone then u give someone the id and password and they should be able to get in. im not sure if the team will stay in tact or if they will go to FA but doesnt matter u can makes things right since ur commish.

    • you can just go to the deal and drop him. i would be interested in gettin in if its an active league likes to trade and talk. im commish of a few leagues this year. i like to take ppls places once they drop out to to see if i can salvage it. let me no.

    • Yes you can drop any member out of the league if your the commish, and pick up someone else.


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