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  • bartertown bartertown Sep 16, 2009 4:39 PM Flag

    Tomlinson and andre johnson for...

    check more option: L.T claiming 50/50 chance on reitiring end of year so 50/50 chance on getting points. For A.J critics say one man army *exactly look at T.O propaganda, and before moss with the pats, three teams made him a go to guy before pats took HIM to the championship. slaton is a gamble but shaub is hurry prone than slaton looks more promising than A.J. Boldin after his head injury Fitz became the new WR, now full attention to him look at last game, it's effective so don't fix if not broken. forte small yardage but faster accel but mcfadden career high 164, with russel at the helm with an accuracy of a amatuer with his big mistakes he'll depend on mcfad to cover it up leon washing ton maybe a flex but with thomas jones and 2 deacent wideout, i picked sproles before leon and gave me 30 points leon maybe close to a double digit. but if it doesn't help it's first week if better decision wait for next week than decide


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