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  • Joe Joe Sep 6, 2009 11:08 PM Flag

    Is this ok to do?

    After two trades were vetoed, I changed the veto process from league votes to commissioner vote. However, I told the league that they still have a say and can cast their veto on the leagues page and make it up for debate. After both parties say why they're making the trade, i will decide whether or not to allow or not to allow a trade. I'm trying to be fair.....

    If you were in my league, would you be ok with this?

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    • i dont know if the commish should have the ONLY say but the parties involved in the trade should explain reasons to the commish to justify certain things so it doesnt seem like a crazy unfair trade. but doing the league approval thing will only lead to people saying no every time. your best bet is to mandate that with every trade each party sends you a private message/email explaing the reasons for proposing and accepting trades. long story short, if the commish can in fact remain impartial, commish rule is better than league rule...

    • I dunno'. I put the setting on league vote because I thought it'd be the fairest. That's in a league of 12 where I know about 4 and there are a couple other small groups that know one another. I'd never had a problem with getting a fair trade to go through in my normal private league of the past few years, but the few public leagues I've been in were different. They trade would 'sometimes' go through because they were all so unattentive or were voted down like crazy (no matter what the trade) just to be dicks. Depending on who's in your league and how reasonable they are, or aren't, I suppose going from vote to commish won't be such a bad thing if you give the league a day or two to try and think up some reasonable gripe or complaint about why it's not a mutually beneficial trade.

    • If the trade id fair then let it go....There are times where I give 3 for 2 players....I feel that it will help my team...As long as the two paries agree then let it go....and YES I would change it...People are stupid sometimes...They like to VETO everything...Dumb

    • I run a league and I believe that the commish should be the only one to approve or veto a trade. If the guys in the league dont trust you, they are probably in the wrong league


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