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    • You are a fantasy dud

    • I have Ginn and Hixon on my bench. Would you pick up Josh Morgan on waivers and if so who would you drop?

      Thanks in advance!

    • If you go back to that roster I sent you earlier, with that trade and these 2 trades:
      I give: Steve Smith (NY), Visanthe Shiancoe, Kevin Smith
      I get: Matt Ryan, Eddie Royal, Brandon Pettigrew
      I give: Jericho Cotchery, Domenik Hixon, NYJ Defense
      I get: Marshawn Lynch, James Jones, Derek Anderson

      This would be my new roster:
      David Garrard
      Chad Pennington
      Brady Quinn
      Derek Anderson
      Maurice Jones-Drew
      Johnathan Stewart
      Marshawn Lynch
      Sammy Morris
      Edgerrin James
      Andre Johnson
      Vincent Jackson
      Eddie Royal
      Donnie Avery
      Lavernues Coles
      Steve Smith
      Kenny Britt
      James Jones
      Brent Celek
      Brandon Pettigrew
      Nate Kaeding

      I know Jones-Drew will probably have to be shipped out, but are there any other ideas you would have (like trading 2 average QBs for a better QB?) I just need ideas. I think this could work if I can propose it right. Your help would be appreciated.

    • Thanks for helping me earlier, but now I have a bigger trade that could be good. I know you like receivers, but when your computer freezes and you get 10 of them including 9 running backs in a 20 player offensive only draft, it can cause trouble. I could get 1000 fantasy points in QBs for this trade, but it might be too costly. I have 4 big time receivers in this draft. In this leauge, you have an opprotunity to start 2 QBs. Heres the trade:
      I give: Steve Smith (Carolina), Marques Colston, Julius Jones, Matt Stafford and Mark Bradley.
      I get: Steve Smith (New York), Johnathan Stewart, Vincent Jackson, David Garrard, Chad Pennington
      I think I could definitely hear criticism for accepting this trade, but it is a QB heavy leauge. I need to know I'm not giving up too much. Heres my team if you want to tell me who I should offer.
      Maurice Jones-Drew
      Andre Johnson
      Steve Smith
      Kevin Smith
      Jericho Cotchery
      Julius Jones
      Donnie Avery
      Domenik Hixon
      Sammy Morris
      NYJ Defense
      Carolina Defense
      Brady Quinn
      Matt Stafford
      Lavernues Coles
      Nate Kaeding
      Visanthe Shiancoe
      Edgerrin James
      Mark Bradley
      Marques Colston
      Kenny Britt
      Brent Celek
      Yeah. I made 2 trades which got me those other position guys.
      I really need your help with this. Thanks.

    • sd defense or dallas defense in week 1

    • I was just wandering your opinions and comments on these teams. Which is best, worst or any opinions on these teams too like how good they are or any moves you would do to improve them.
      Team A
      QB: Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco
      RB: AP, Ray Rice, Reggie Bush, Sproles
      WR: Boldin, T.J. Houz, Percy Harvin, Hester, Nate Washington
      TE: Greg Olsen
      K: Bironas
      DEF: San Diego, Indy

      Team B
      QB: Matt Ryan, Chad Pennington
      RB:McFadden, LenDale White, Ray Rice, Beannie Wells and Knowshon Moreno
      WR: Larry Fitzgerald, Moss, Laverneous Coles, Santonio Holmes, Micheal Jenkins
      Te: Antonio Gates
      K: Rob Bironas
      DEF: Baltimore

      Team C
      QB: Phillip Rivers, Matt Ryan
      RB: LaDainian Tomlinson, Slaton, Rice, Rashard Mendenhall
      WR: Boldin, T.J. Houz, Coles, Donald Driver, Micheal Jenkins, Domenik Hixon
      TE: Visanhthe Shiancoe
      K: John Kasay, Ryan Lindell
      DEF: Philly, Green Bay

      Team D
      QB: Phiilip Rivers, Pennington
      RB: Micheal Turner, Slaton, McFadden, Rice, Donald Brown
      WR: Boldin, T.J. Houz, Santonio Holmes, Bernnard Berrian, Ted Ginn Jr., Chris Henry
      TE: Visanthe Shiancoe
      K: Jason Elam
      DEF: Dallas

      I am in 4 leagues and these are my 4 teams, I was looking at them and comparing them so I decided to ask your opinions. Please make some comments on these and thank you for all your opinions and comments.

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      • i think you have great wideout's in all the leagues and quarterbacks, i don't like your te's in your last two leagues just becuase tennesee is mainly a running team, kickers are great i don't like your running backs in your second team just because you have a lot of rookies you want RBs that are going to carry most of the load and none of them will but on your B team you have stud recievers and i love recievers especially if you can get moss and Fitz that's alot of points for you, your D's are all pretty good, but im not sold on Dallas's D, i like your 4th team the best except the D and your TE but that team seems to have the best balance of RBs and WR's so i hope this helps you good luck and i hope you bring home a championship

    • We had our draft last night. I drafted from the 8 spot in 12 team snake, I drafted, Gore, R. Moss, T. Jones, L. White, DJax, A. Gates, M. Ryan, D. Brown, L. Moore, S. Greene, E.James, J.Flacco, G. Coffee, H. Nicks, J. Kasay, & Carolina Def.
      The guy who picked Brady offered me the following trade. Brady, P.Thomas, & Dallas Def. for
      M. Ryan, T. Jones, & Carolina Def.

      Wht do you think?

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      • yeah that's a good trade for you i like thomas with the saints because of there high potent offense and leon washington and shonn greene will get some touches in jets land and having brady if you have watched him in preseason he has been on fire it's like he never had a knee injury good luck hope this helps

    • In 12 team standard scoring h2h yahoo league, if I have a pick 6-12, should I just get 2 WRs in the first two rounds? I think I can comb through and find diamonds in the rough with Ray Rice, Joseph Addai, Derrick Ward, Willie Parker, Glenn Coffee, Beanie Wells, but I don't think I can do the same with WRs.

      Also, what are you thoughts on McNabb? Does he belong in same category as Rivers and Rodgers?

    • who's your top sleeper at every position?

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      • QB i like trent edwards just with the addtion of TO
        RB i like Lesean McCoy or James Davis from cleveland keep your eye on him
        WR, i think Joey Gallaway in New England will have a great year if he can stay healthy
        TE i like Brent Celek from Philly
        K I like Robbie Gould from the Bears with the addition of cutler he will put them in a better position to score whether it's a TD or a FG
        DEF i like the jets and the Saints will be much better this year
        Hey Good Luck hope this helps

    • Who's a better add? Darren McFadden, Peirre Thomas, or Ryan Grant?

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