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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 18, 2009 11:31 AM Flag

    Matt Flynn: Cheater

    So, a lot of you guys may know this dude and I feel sorry for you.

    This is just a warning from a former member of numerous leagues of his.

    I was recently removed from his baseball league for voicing my opinion regarding his integrity towards his leagues. This is a keeper league and after numerous managers were allowed to give up and "rebuild" in June, and other managers were allowed to make horrendous trades, it left a big gap between the bad teams and the good teams. Now, as a league commissioner, it should be your duty to make sure there is an even playing field, right? Pretty simple concept.

    I was told on numerous occasions from Mr. Flynn himself that winning is his #1 priority and if it means teams are horrible, it doesn't matter, it's their own fault.

    After several complaints, Matt implemented a 24-hour veto window on trades. Except tha catch.....They must be trades that he deems lopsided. Recently, he traded one pitcher he recieved in a bogus trade and another for the best pitcher in baseball and did not allow any time to vetoes to be noted. According to him, it was not lopsided and didn't deserve a vote.

    Matt Flynn (ducane34) is THE WORST fantasy sports commissioner I've ever had the displeasure of playing with and I hope every reads this and avoids any league with him.

    Funny thing is that out of two of his first place teams, one is a team he commishes. The rest of his teams are not in a better place than fourth.

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