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  • James O James O Jul 29, 2009 6:25 PM Flag

    vick sucks because

    1 hes to small 2 hes not acurate 3 not smart enuff to run a team,i think his last year he was ranked 20th in qb ratings,if it wasent for his legs he would be selling pot for a living.if he would study his playbook and stay out of prison that would help to

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    • Maybe when he plays horrible and does not perform as he is Trained and conditioned through Off season work outs and training we should beat him against a tree or electrocute him or let Bigger players maul him.....Oh wait being a loser does not entitle you to torture and death......screw vick. Actually The NFL needs to Adopt a if you Get Convicted of a Felony you can work at Burger King like most people will have to do. No Gov Jobs, Cant Vote, Cant work in Hospitals. Yet. Who cares Players can still make millions. Hell Department stores Fire you if they find out you have felonies......Welcome to the real world. Not just Vick but all the Loser Celebs who destroy lives but after there time get to enjoy theres to the fullest again..

    • I think he could be a great QB, if he can keep his head on straight. He went from Poverty to one of the top stars of the NFL. Then thinking he could do whatever he could with "all that money." then back to poverty. I'm sure he thought long and hard about it in prison. I kinda hope he goes up to Minnesota and wins the QB job. If he slowes down and thinks (both) on and off the field he could be something really special. Just about everybody wanted to call him great when he went to the Pro Bowl 3 times. If he can get the passing accuracy down he could be great.

    • He might not be the best but his running ability is what makes him a wild card as a QB keeps the defense on their toes.I hope someone picks him up and we can see how does with a new team.

    • nice... I hope more people pile on top of this wisdom of yours