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  • Josh H Josh H Jul 25, 2009 4:17 AM Flag

    Rate my team on a scale of one to ten

    I think a 4 is about fair for your team. You have good QBs (here's hoping that Warner doesn't get benched/hurt until after Ryan's bye week), your running backs are good, I like the Gore pick. Your WRs do suck, unfortunately. Driver is a great WR3... but Berrian as your WR1? Gates is top 3 in his position. Where you screwed the pooch is taking two kickers and two defenses. You should have taken a chance on a rookie WR or RB with those picks. They're both completely interchangable as well. As you're a Cowboys fan, keep Folk and Dallas. See if you can find someone who really hates their Def or K and try to trade up for a better WR. See if you can maybe get a WR in the 10-15th best range. Currently your best WR is around 20th best... not good enough for the playoffs.


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