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    "The Coach", commissioner of Yahoo! private league "Veterans League 2009" (#184597) is a dishonorable manager and should be avoided at all costs. I have been a Yahoo! Fantasy player since 2005. I have a long history of fair-play and sportsmanship and I know enough to tell when someone is bullsh!tin me. Shorty after our draft (July 6th) our commissioner tries to conduct a 4 person trade "under-the-radar". Sometimes, when you draft early, many other managers arent paying attention to trades and moves until pre-season or close to week 1. If we werent, the trade would have gone through and even be cleared from the "recent transactions" list without anyone even knowing. However, several of us saw the trade as uneven and vetoed it. "The Coach" (yahoo email: coach1997@yahoo.com) promply changed the rules from "League Votes" to "Commissioner" for trade veto's. And made his trade go through anyway. When another manager who goes by the name "Vick" and myself expressed our disfavor, ALL of our privileges were removed. Email, add/drop, trades, communication... everything! In addition, he dropped ALL of our drafted players and replaced them with 3rd tier, bottom shelf players! Never in 5 years of fantasy play on 3 different servers (Yahoo!, ESPN, MLB/NFL.com) have I seen a commissioner conduct himself in this way. This guy (or gal) cant be trusted. If you dont want your season (or performance %) ruined AVOID "THE COACH" (Yahoo! Email: coach1997@yahoo.com). @ ALL COSTS. I will repost this Email EVERYDAY, until the start of football season or Yahoo! makes me stop... whichever comes 1st. Have a happy football season.

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    • Haha! It is me! The douchebag manager who will masterfully rule this league. You didn't recognize my new name did you? Hahahahaaaaahaaaa! I'm only 36,and you didn't even know my pathetic age! "WHAT A C@#$!!!!!" Who supported this piece of CRAP, and why? Stand up for yourself and acknowledge your douchiness COACH! In the tangible world WE (I'D) kick your cheating AS@!!!!"

    • Good lookin out my dude. Like I said before, I got a job and a life, so I cant do this everyday. However, as long as their are others who can be fooled by this guy and others, i'll continue to put the word out. Thanks for the support.

    • Same shit happened to me and my brothers in fantasy baseball, the douche bag commish locked all 3 of our teams and dropped our players and put them on his and his cousins teams and made us pick and choose our players from the VERY slim FA pool but the best part was i beat him the week i played him with scrubs against his all stars.. shit sucks and i went to yahoo and they said they dont interfere with private leagues which is BS y put them out there if ur not gonna do anything about it when cheaters do this. and yes they should have a system like Ebay with a feed back and % status on commish's so people can choose good leagues to play for. 5 stars for u man, hopefully yahoo can do something about cheaters!!

    • it is truly depressing that individuals would create a league simply to manipulate and cheat their way throughout the season. i wonder if they actually take pride in their acomplishments? if at all possible these pathetic simple-minded turds should be identified and dealt with.

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      • I'd like to thank everyone who objectively replied to my posts, whether for or against my thinking. Unfortunately i'm not going to be able to repost EVERYDAY. I do have a job and a life! However, I will repost from time to time, just to get the word out there. Some of your ideas were excellent too. Just like Ebay, Yahoo! should have a "user approval" rating for all commissioners. That way, when something like this happens, everyone can just look at your rating & feedback. Thanks again people.....

    • Thanks for the info. I hate cheating commissioners but I've never had one that bad. I'm being the commissioner for my football league for the first time and I want a clean, fair league...if not, what's the point! I'm bumping this and giving you 4 stars man! Way to stand up to shadyness.

    • I've been a Fantasy 3-sports Commish for 10 yrs as well as playing in add'l leagues and have run into this type of Commish just 3 times. I have found out that this is the only time they can wield any authority and it makes them feel good. By stroking their own ego they can get along in the world a bit better (at least in their own minds). Yahoo can only do so much and so can you and so can I. Try to have a good season elsewhere - good luck and good drafting!

    • When people cheat in things like this it is pathetic! What's the point? How can that be fun?? Just to win a little electronic trophy...whats the fun in that when you know that you cheated to get it! Just like when people cheat at Halo!

    • "The Coach" is "Garboj"(Garbage)...how fun is a league where you cheat to win...he must need to up his confidence since he knows squat about Fantasy Football. This is the main reason why I only join leagues where I know the managers..but no pun intended to all who join random leagues. This is a sad case...hope I don't ever run into a Commish like "The Coach"..what a joke.

    • What was the trade he vetoed?

      how can we judge if we dont know what he did wrong?

    • If you don't know the other owners personally it can be a night mare. On another site the commissioner conducted a "random" draft selection and got the first pick. A few bad apples make things bad for all.

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