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  • jett rockefeller jett rockefeller Jun 13, 2009 5:12 PM Flag

    somebody please tell me what is the advantage

    of huge leagues..how do you find enuff talent to make decent teams when you have 20 team leagues?..i see these ads for huge leagues, like that's a selling point when in fact it seems like a liability..14 teams is tough enuff, and even 12 team leagues get challenged..but 12 is ok, competitive..please enlighten me someone, what am i missing?..

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    • it really dpends on the stat categories.If it's a big league, it should accomodate things like return yards. If there are IDP's, then it should accomodate all those categories that they can score in. If it's a big league with IDP stats and return yards, then finding talent is never an issue.
      As far as an advantage, it's more of a case of experience. I can walk into any 10 team or 12 team league, and unless there is some cheating, I can take the league easily.
      I join public leagues, mainley to recruit people who might like to play in private leagues. There are some I would never recruit, if I see there profile and they are constantly finishing at or near the bottom of a public league, it would appear that they don't pay any attention. If you just show up for 20minutes a day, it's hard NOT to finish in the top 3. With ESPN and whatnot, we all watch sports for good half hour a day. Just wait till one of your DB's runs back a kickoff or an int for a td, then your perspective will change.
      The short answer is, it's a challenge.

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      • but your point is you have all kinds of wildcat settings to accomodate the absense of talent when you spread the field as thin as mayo..i'm not being snooty about 20 team leagues, i just want to build a team both thru my draft but more especially by watching the nfl network, multiple games simultaneously, and racing to the wire to find an emerging "colston"..that is all..

    • 20 teams is the best its super competitive and fun

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      • how though? after so many rounds there is literally no one left. I guess its all the same because it applies to everyone. But you can only get better by trading and sometimes people don't trade. Personally, i wouldn't go any higher than 12. There's only so many players, it's not baseball. And that's even high for a baseball league. Th each their own.........

    • i agree. 10 is probably the best. 8 is not enough, but silly fun bacause it, like an arcade game, lol. But anything above 12 might be thinning out the FA pool. Everyone gets picked up in the draft. 12 is probably the most challenging. Anything success above 12 is that you either got lucky your draft picks work out or a person or two in the league had really bad draft. I would say 12 is probably the max. But to be fair, I've never done any leagues above 12, so I could be wrong.


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