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    Keeper league for next season. Please post your email here if you would like to join. No annoying cheapskates please!

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    • pretty sad to see something like this hit the pc. maybe you should have not played in the middle of the street as a child....

    • Ok were good dude. Happy New Year.

    • Steelers 23, Giants 17

    • Dude what mental institute are you posting from? No one here ever has made comments concerning 911 yet you continue to post pathetic posts based on 911! Get over 911 dude! No conspiracies here no one is debating 911. This is a football board, start posting football dude. Ok your 41 from Colorado and you like pirates lol give us who is to win the Super Bowl not clerks, janitors etc lol.

    • 3000 greedy stockbroker... and file clerks, mail-room, janitors, maintenance staff, secretaries, plud the fire & police respondants... yes, I'm sure all the casualties were just money-grubbing rich bastards.

    • The joke was someone was ignorant enough to create a non Jewish fantasy football league. The ignorant replies demonstrate why so many innocent people die. You zealots just don't get it.My advice Muslims go to your mosque and pray then go kill and for the Israeli's go build your luxury home in a war zone then also go kill. I guess all you idiots deserve each other.

    • As I stated killing is wrong and I never commented on 911. Where in the world do you guys get your facts from? I understand that Israel wants to protect the land they were given.
      I understand why Palestine people feel like the land is theirs.
      That does not make sense is that both belive in killing one another will solve the issue. i also belive that this board should be used to talk about football and this is my last response on this off football topic.

    • Of course it is right! I would love to hear the messed up reasoning for why it isn't. Oh wait, let me guess...because the world needs 3,000 more greedy stockbrokers?? Give me a break.

    • "And you DON'T think they deserved it?"

      By this statement's positioning in this thread, you seem to be saying that the US DID deserve the 9/11 attacks, is that right? Or did you simply misunderstand my comments in context? If so, try reading the thread again with regard to the order of replies TO SPECIFIC ENTRIES (this was in reply to 5150's post). I IN NO WAY suggested that Isreal does not deserve the land they currently occupy. And if you're saying (as it appears) that the US did deserve to be hit, you're as f'd-in-the-head as the rest of these dinks...

    • I do not support Israel or Palestine. I think killing is wrong and both are wrong to continue the violence with no end in sight. I do belive that being given land from another does not justify that the Palestine people feel like they have been robbed. Launching rockets into civilian areas is coward. ALL Killing is wrong! My view is both are wrong! I do belive if anyone takes away what was once mine I have the the right to fight to get it back. What is yours was mine. I just don't belive in the way the Palestine people go about solving the problem and I do not agree with how Israelis respond. Both are wrong.

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