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  • Mack Attack Mack Attack Dec 4, 2008 12:29 PM Flag

    Need a win - your thoughts?

    gang green i think you can win this week!
    like his team a little better overall, but this week i like yours.
    lets look at it by each position:
    manning over garcia= big time your way this week.
    fitz over welker= welker still can't walk straight and he is seeing 3 footballs come out of cassels hand since the ryan clark hit. your add comfortably.
    smith over coles= slightly your add-close because of matchups this week.
    calvin & royal?= hate to say it but calvin has shit for a QB! he's an absolute beast but his QB blows. minor add to royal this week.
    jacobs over slaton= not as one sided as you think, both should have nice days, jacobs a TD monster.
    APETE crushes either of these 2, only hope is that childress does want to get him some rest so maybe he will only play 2 1/2 quarters and give way to chester.

    gates=daniels- does gates still play? he will score tonight versus the raiders- daniels may also. both underachieving.
    longwelll over lindell= can you say left upright?
    tenn slightly over pitt due to the matchup of dorsey this week!
    i see it 4-4-1, obviously not scored that way but your guys players need to pile on some points this week. this game will be a close game, barber could be a health problem and that leaves you with K. smith- but if the williams boys are out- you may be in luck!!
    peace and good luck, let me know how you do bro.


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