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    Keeper Question

    Hey Everyone,

    I know the season is far from over and there is still much time to decide this, but since I'm bored for the next 2 weeks (already locked up my playoff spot) I wanted to hear what all of you had to say about my keeper league quandry. I get to keep three players off my current roster for next year, I am excited because I had a great draft and had a bunch of great players basically fall in my lap. Here are the players I have to chose from:

    QB - Cutler, Rivers
    WR - Fitzgerald, Wayne, Jennings
    RB - SJax, Turner

    I am not even listing my other players as they are not viable keeper players, I was also hesitant to list any QB's since I am not overly worried about that position. I really feel like i should keep 2 WR's and 1 RB. I play in a 2 WR, 2 RB, 1 Flex league so holding 3 of any position isn't terrible either since I have a place for them to play. I wanted to hear what all of you have to say. Thanks.

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    • depends in what round they fall in. If you get to draft from the start of round 1 with everyone else i would probably keep turner wayne and fitz however if those are your first 3 picks and people will be picking ahead of you i would keep turner jax and fitz

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      • I will most likely pick last in the first round (order of draft is determined by final ranking of previous season). Assuming I maintain the pace I've been on I should cruise through the rest of the season including payoffs, my team has dominated the league. So I should end up last in the first round in next year's draft.

        Also, the team's in my league are big time into their WR's, there is less concern about RB's, which is why I am looking at keeping 2 WR's and only 1 RB.

    • hey you guys have helpped. Fitzgerald is an absolute the guy is a beast. I am leaning Jennings over Wayne because of age and I feel Jennings may have a much better overall impact next year anyway. I am leaning for SJax over Turner because Turner has Norwood behind him, and Turner while very good doesn't have the upside that SJax has. Plus SJax is in no danger of a RBBC, which is rare in the league. I'm not worried about the QB situation either because I'm sure I will get one of either Cutler or Rivers, and I still can nab a decent back-up next year. I am one who always grabs the skill position guys first and waits on my QB's. Anyway thanks for the help I really appreciate it.

    • fitz, jennings and turner , hands down no questions asked

    • Well, I think Fitz and Stephen Jackson get kept easily. Fitz because hes young and hes a beast (only question is Warner being so old, but I think he'll be fine, and his upside is too high to let him go). SJ because hes got a new coach coming in next year, and his upside is incredible - hes one of a handful of RBs that perennially go in the top 5, for good reason. Theres no worry of RB by committee on that team at all, which is rare. So, i think you have to keep those two.

      I'm not sold on Turner or Wayne to keep. Wayne is getting up in years, and Peyton is starting to look shaky - he isn't an auto start anymore. They also see Tennessee twice a year, which doesn't help. I would be way too worried of what Marvin Harrisson did over the last two years to keep a Colts WR. Turner has Norwood, a younger, solid back behind him, and I worry about RB by committee developing. Plus, he has to play Carolina and TB twice a year - both have stout run D year in and year out.

      I think you keep Jennings as the third. Hes young (meaning you can keep riding him) and so is his QB. True, he plays in the cold, but he has really delivered this year. The problem with keeping a QB is that they are generally a dime a dozen - in a twelve team league, it isn't that hard to find a QB that is pretty decent - and QBs are much more matchup-dependant than other players. Then again, Cutler is keeping Marshall and Royal, both very young.

      So, I say keep Jackson and Fitz as givens. Then Jennings narrowly edges out Cutler for the remaining spot, but just.

    • Fitzgerald and turner for sure. I'm torn between jennings and wayne on the other one, but I'd probably go younger and go jennings.


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