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  • saynotodrugs saynotodrugs Nov 17, 2008 4:03 PM Flag

    Should I suspend a person from my league?

    Hello I am thinking of suspending a person for a week and telling them to bench most of their players so they loose the game.

    The reason is because they first admitted illegal drug use (marijuana) and said they smoked almost every single day.

    the next is that in a smack message the guy said "suck me clean... no homo"

    There were other reasons before now but, I feel that this recent drug use might not be a good thing for the league as a whole. Opinions?

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    • i believe no action should be taken.If that player chooses to smoke weed let them. That choice has no bearing in the outcome of the game.It's not like he was injecting himself with steriods so his team could out up better numbers. We are talking fantasy football here any life decisions made outside fantasy football should stay outside fantasy football with no consequences. As for posting vulgar smack talk you are able to put a lock on that so noone could say anything. I have had pretty heated arguments on the message board resulting in alot of 4 letter words.AS a result people were not able to post after that

    • Do you all sit around in your bean bags chairs drinking lemonade on game day or what? You are a FFCommish, not a morality policeman. The homo thing is just in bad taste. But, as a woman with a FF team, i see alot of gay remarks in stuff--seems like a little boy thing to me.

    • please tell me that was joke?

    • You fuckin douchebag. You clearly are a lame ass pussy. 1st off. I'm assuming your in a league where you dont know anyone because you dont have any friends. I know I'm right. 2nd of all, I wasnt aware of any rules stating you couldnt make rude comments or do drugs otherwise you'll be locked out! AHAHAHA!!! Your such a queer. Come read the bulletins in my league you'll probably puke on yourself, you probably cringe as you watch football when a big hit happens and only watch because you fantasize about sucking on big black cock, or tossing Tom Brady's salad.!

    • WOW!!! that is completely rediculous.. You dont want to lose so your gonna pull a scum move like that because he smokes marijuana? Fantasy football and marijuana dont mix? who are you to say that man seriously your a joke

    • let him smoke pot if he wants to, but repremand the potty talk. Either way, you are abusing your power as commish and his 1st ammendment rights if you lock him out. In the future, smalk-talk guidelines should be established before the season starts

    • Your a commish of a fantasy league your not Roger Goodell ban him from posting and move on. Thanks Gawd I don't have any dumbasses in my league. Been playing with the same people for the past 7 years and never had to deal with any dumb sh it

    • Are you for real? Fantasy Football has nothing to do with a person's personal life. If you don't like what he's posting then just lock him out from posting thats simple.

    • hey another one of you league members whooped his kid to hard for stealing can you suspend him too. seriously dude if you didn't have it set in the rules the most you could do is ask him to watch it next time in considerations for yalls league.

    • i think you should suspend this guy. i mean we are all just trying to have fun and play fantasy football. we dont need people talking about that kind of stuff. so if i were you i would suspend him.

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