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  • Rickster Rickster Nov 10, 2008 8:04 PM Flag

    Thigpen INT on 2pt attempt

    Who cares? You know what sucks? I am not a Larry Johnson fan, or a KC fan, Johnson is a thug........but what I am so sick about is all of these Hoos, trying to get something for nothing!! This girl who Johnson spit in her face, is suing for what? It's not about money? This is what her attorney said: “This is not about money,” said Kirra N. Jones, Stewart’s attorney. “My client has worked her way through school. She’s in the Air Force, National Guard. She’s a hardworking student and this really came as an unfortunate incident in her life. But you know what? She’s a fighter. She’s willing to be the person who finally makes Larry Johnson answer for his repeated bad behavior.” She is a Hoo!!!! All of these girls are in this place for a reason, to take money!! Like I said, I am not a Johnson fan, but these women, would screw a Rottielier for money, bank on it!


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