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  • RimZ™ RimZ™ Sep 30, 2008 4:16 PM Flag

    league dispute, last one

    no, no, im specifically speaking of ABANDONED teams, not in situations such as what you are saying.....in those instances i completely agree.
    Now, If it comes to just before playoffs and say Team A is 1-11 and no shot at the playoffs is playing Team B who is 7-5 and holds the last playoff spot but has less points than Team C who is 6-6 and NEEDS to win and team B to lose to get in.......there is NO WAY IN HELL I would allow that Team A to leave open roster spots and GIVE Team B the playoff spot....that is downright completely and totally unfair.
    Situations like that are the EXACT REASON the commissioner has controls to make these moves, and even lock a teams roster, among other options those of us who have commissioned leagues know about.
    I know this is a touchy area for some players in FF....maybe they've experienced some cheating by a commish with these tools, but cheating will not happen here.
    Here is the method I use to work this situation when needed.
    1. contact the manager via email league (ALL managers who notice an abandoned or empty slotted roster by, say, Thursday should be stand up enough to try to contact the manager)
    2. If I get no response by Friday (PLENTY of time and if you are playing the game, you'll respond. I'm simply trying to find out if you are playing or abandoned, and even THEN I'll talk an 0-6 team into playing spoiler, cuz thats almost as fgun as competing for a title lol) I LOOK at their bench and analyze empty/bye slots vs. active benched players. If there are available active players on the bench there, I'll put them in the starting roster slots.
    3. If no (rarely does this happen, but at times it does.) benched players will fill the said roster slot, I then drop the LOWEST SCORING CURRENTLY BENCHED PLAYER and ADD THE HIGHEST SCORING AVAILABLE PLAYER FOR THAT POSITION. In doing that, it ensures i'm not dropping players from 1 team to pad mine or someone elses roster. (ex. I'm not going to drop Anquon Boldin, even if he is on bye, if Ronald Curry is the lowest scoring player on the roster.) I'd drop Curry, and then pick up the highest scoring available player (which usually isnt much) for the needed slot.
    AGAIN, this will only be done for what appears to be ABANDONED or PUPPET teams.......if i contact you, and you are leaving, say, your K, and an IDP in on bye weeks because you want to keep them, simply let me know, and I wont mess with it.
    In your pay league would you allow a team not being managed to leave 3-4 empty slots open vs. a team competing for a playoff spot? I'd be MAD AS HELL if I was fighting for that playoff spot too, and the other team gets a gimme win when I needed him to lose to get in the playoffs and have a shot at a cash prize. Matter of fact, I'd likely be asking for my money back....

    I could go on, but you guys see my point.....thoughts?

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