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  • teekay teekay Sep 16, 2008 8:12 PM Flag

    Seriously, when will Koren Robinson be added

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaahoo? shouldn't he be available already if you posted news about him getting signed?

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    • are you serious koren robinson, if your desperate enough for him ur team probably blows to start with

    • Why does KRob show up as on waivers? He was never on anybody's roster, so shouldn't he be a Free Agent? I don't think I should have to put in a waiver claim to pick him up.

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      • Why not? That way it's fair that it's not just the first person to spot him available gets him. Yahoo does that all the time with new players in its games. David Price is the same way in baseball-- he's on waivers and whoever has the best waiver priority will get him. If it's that important to you, don't use your waiver priority on someone unless you are sure there aren't any better players coming up later.

    • Having news about him and adding him are two different things depending upon contracts, his agent, and the legal right to have him added as a player.

      I don't believe it's because Yahoo is being slow to add him, but I believe it's probably hung up in the legal right to use him, his stats, etc. in Yahoo's games.

      I'm not on the inside of Yahoo, but that is what has happened in the past. It's clearly in the interest of the player to be added because every player wants to be popular and chose on fantasy leagues. My guess, though, is it is a legal issue hung up on the player's side and not Yahoo's side.


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