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  • JL JL Sep 15, 2008 11:30 AM Flag

    Seattle D Should Get A TD

    The player who scored the touchdown was a defensive player. Plus in my league, I would get credit for a return TD also. How does Yahoo figure that this is not a D/ST touchdown.

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    • I absolutely agree!!! I own seattle d and lost my week by 4 points. A defensive td in my league is 7 points. That b/s!!!

    • This is the first time I've really checked the Yahoo Fantasy boards. I'm curious, are there debates this heated on a regular basis, or is this rather uncommon?

    • i agree

    • I believe the Yahoo genius making this decision has confused the *type* of play with who actually made it. The defensive team was on the field and it was, in fact, a defensive player that made the TD, therefore it should be a TD for the D. The only this "offensive" about this is Yahoo's decision.

      I'm curious... is this Yahoo's FINAL decision, or will it be changed if the NFL stats say otherwise on Wednesday night?

    • We KNOW its only every other post on this board ! Jeezus really where's the need for all this repetitive business. You dont have to be special and start your own thread there's plenty enough here and they all got THE SAME ANSWER !!!

    • Yeah, I agree. We would be better served by one thread with 300 messages on it anyway.

    • that i understand people wanting to be heard. But dont keep opening new topics. it clearly advises you to not post double messages which you agree to (just like the TOS and RULES). yahoo SHOULD just go through the message boards and start deleting them all.

    • Yahoo has to change this...if you watch the replay it's so obvious it's a defensive TD...
      The man plays Defensive Tackle...how it that not a DEF TD!!??
      This is horrible if they don't change it..


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      • This screw up will cost me a win if they don't give me those 6 points back... The logic here is simple. A DEFENSIVE pleayer from Seattle's DEFENSE scored the touchdown. Nobody switches sides if a F@#$%N player fumbles it, then another Seattle DEFENSIVE player recovers it and scores... He's still a Seattle DENSIVE player.

        Our league is a money league, and it sucks when you go to bed winning, then wake up to a loss. It's total BS. Anyone on here with an opinion otherwise obviously ended up winning, so I imagine you would object to my points made, which makes your objection invalid.

      • It will be changed. From Yahoo:

        I appreciate your inquiry with regards to the fumble recovery return TD
        by Seattle.

        Engineering is currently working on a scoring fix in order to credit the
        Seattle DEF with the TD.

        This play is currently being recorded as an offensive fumble return TD
        as Seattle had possession of the football, fumbled, recovered the
        football and scored a TD. Therefore, the Seattle DEF is not credited
        with a TD on the play.

        Here is the play-by-play description:

        Frank Gore rushed up the middle for 5 yard loss. Frank Gore fumbled.
        Marcus Trufant recovered fumble and returned for 4 yards. Marcus Trufant
        fumbled. Craig Terrill recovered fumble and returned for 10 yards
        (Olindo Mare made PAT)

        Therefore, Craig Terrill is being credited with an offensive fumble
        return TD in leagues that use the stat category.

        Please feel free to email me again with any further comments or

        Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Fantasy Sports.


    • Did the lost fumble cost you your game? I don't think ANY stats should be erroneous and if the MJD fumble had cost a lot of people their games, then you can bet they'd be posting here. The reason people are so upset about the Seattle DEF is because it's a TD and a lot of us lost our games by less than 6 points. If, come tomorrow, Yahoo hasn't credited the TD back then I'll move on, but right now people are just trying to make themselves heard.

    • I agree. I have the stat where Seattle DEF gets the points if a defensive of players score. Commissioner need change back to the orginal score and give the Seattle DEF a Touchdown.

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