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  • Your immaturity astounds me. The spygate scandal was a terrible day in football, yet it is COMPLETELY UNRELATED to the subject. Pats had a great season, and NY brought their game with them, 'nough said. Your comment however, was useless and unnecessary. :)

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    • same ere brother and whats with the senate digging this back up when they have other thingss to worry about

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      • i'm not sure that spygate is a bigger scandal then steroids considering the nfl deals with the steroid issue themselves. every year there are players that are suspended because of roids and baseball is just the tip of the iceburg. soon, when senator mitchell is done reberthing his political career, he and the rest of the senate will attack football as well. 40 million dollars to do that report is sickening. i could probably come up with 40 million different ways to spend that kind of money that would have been more useful than that. no ones going to prison. these ball players will still get to play baseball, and in a hundred years or so people wont even remember this. the record books wont show the HGH users and this will all be forgotten, along with spygate. don't these politicians have a country to run and a war to worry about? just a thought.

    • I'll second that!


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