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  • Ambrosia Ambrosia Dec 25, 2007 10:59 AM Flag

    What do you think of these rules?

    Ok, I had a very talented team this year, but I felt that I only finished second in my league was because of the rules set by the commish in my league. Tell me what you think of them:

    2 pts for Pass Completion
    -1 pt for Incomplete passes
    1 pt rushing attempts
    2 pts for each reception

    0 - 25 points
    1-6 - 12 points
    7-13 - 8 points
    14-20 - 5 points
    21-27 - 0 points
    28-34 -3 points
    35+ -15 points

    The rest of the rules are pretty much similar to most leagues. I guess the thing that killed me is rushing attempts. Someone who rushes 25 times for 50 yards gets more points than someone who rushes 8 times for 110 yards.

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    • I don't think much of 1 point for the attempt a gut gets hammered for a 6 yard lost and get a point for that yes lost yardage but a point 1 point give to off set that BULLSHIT SCORING

      Defense to many points for a shut out why late in a game a team kicks a field goal with five min left to go the defense has there 2 and third string in and you go fromm 25 points to 12 to big of a spread for a great def that week smae goes the other way with points scored you can't make a major jump in scoring because of one extra point scored

      maybe something like this 0 13
      1-6 9
      7-13 6
      14-20 3
      21-27 0
      28-34 -3
      35+ -7
      - 3 point system with a extra point given for a shut out same the other way -3 then go to -4

      nice to see one thing in your league -1 for a incomplete pass I played in a league with a +1/2 point so qb goes 20/50 and those 30 extra attemps give him 15 more points what a joke

    • you cant really blame the rules set by the league. you gota play them. set your draft up in aline with the rules. i was burnt out of the first place championship trophy by the rules aswel. in the case of a tie the team with the lower projection wins. now thats a stupid rule!

    • Like most others, I don't like your league's rules. To me, a scoring rule is good when it tries to describe the real value of an statistic accomplishment. A rushing attempt is worth nothing in the NFL, so why should it be in fantasy football. What I like about the rules is that they incorporate passing accuracy, which also has a worth in real Football. But the points for completions/incompletions are much too high. A litlle bonus for accurate passers is good, massive scoring just for completing a pass is...strange.

    • Another bs league...nobody should get points for attempting anthing!

    • yah you joined knowing the rules, sop a Garrard QB wouda been great as he doesnt pass much, less passes means less Int's and incompletes, also a bad offense team like Bal, I wouda changed my DEF eevry week to match them up, or SF (before Shaun Hill took over).

    • Those rules blow, you need a new commissioner next year!!!!

    • Well it's a league that I've done every year for practically every year that Fantasy Football has been on Yahoo. These rules are new though, and I think they were definitely changed after the draft. No matter... I'm sure I'll end up being commissioner next year.

    • I like commishes that do stupid points...those that really read them and know the players inside and out win in leagues like that. Otherwise might as well let yahoo do the picking for you if you're just going to go w/standard rules

    • Yeah, I don't like it. "Someone who rushes 25 times....gets more points than someone ... for 110 yards." It's ok to reward diligence but that is to high a reward. Someone that is rushing for 110 yards on 8 should get more points than someone that runs again and again and again.

      Yep, that's just a bad rule. Get rid of the commish or get agreement from the participants in your league next year or find another league.

    • I think some of these negative point rules are dumb...incompletions are not always bad, it might save an interception and keep a drive alive, plus who goes perfect throwing...that devalues QB's.

      in my league we have negatives for FG's - I don't think you should have -3 for any category...CBSsportsline has the best points system.

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